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Hiring is tough and finding suitable candidates is always a challenge. After attracting their interest with job ads, it is crucial to convince talents with strong employer branding! And that's exactly what we are here for, check out our offer!

Job Ad | EUR 49

The job ad will be online for 60 days and you will have the chance to set up a company profile where you can promote your company culture. And, if you want to boost your opening use the extra features, Featured job (EUR 29) and Refresh job (EUR 19). With the "Twice the nice" offer, you will be able to post a job on wecanbeheroes.io for half of the price (EUR 25)!

Yearly Subscription | EUR 499

Post an unlimited number of job ads on wecanbeheroes.io, each of them online for 60 days. Not just you will have the opportunity to set up a company profile, you will have access to our talent pool with 10K pre-screened candidates. Your jobs will also be promoted on our social media channels, to reach even more talents! Valid until 31.12.2021

Employer Branding package

We specialize in Employer Branding video and content: we can offer you video, podcast, articles - whatever suits better your company identity and value. Reach out to us to arrange a meeting and we will find out what's the best solution for your company!

How can we help you?

Employer Branding is the key!

We put the highest value on teams. It’s the people who make for the success and that's why Employer Branding has to be done right: with content and media.

Image Videos

We capture the vision and values of your company through an appealing 3-minute video, using your best employees as protagonists. Our content will definitely draw new talents to your open positions.

Female Empowerment

What are women actually looking for in their jobs? High salary, a good team and an agile environment - just like men. We help companies to specifically position themselves in the labor market and to show highly talented women that they are the right address. We want to put the spotlight on Female Empowerment. Let's collaborate to help closing the gender pay gap and to show that women are looking for far more than just a work-life balance in their jobs. We have developed a special employer branding concept for this purpose.


We conduct interviews with the key decision makers and employees of your company and point out the various advantages and employee benefits that you offer.


The more channels the merrier. Reach a completely new segment of potential talents via our Podcast Zebras and Unicorn, which meanwhile belongs to Austria’s fastest growing podcasts in the business sector.