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About us
Playbrush is the innovation leader in smart Oral Care in Europe and beyond. Since 2015 we are developing and marketing smart toothbrushes and digital oral care subscriptions to revolutionise how children, families and adults take care of their teeth. The concept that stands at the core of what we do is called “Playbrush”, like our brand: an interactive smart toothbrush that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet. Children can control mobile games with their toothbrush, and consequently get better at toothbrushing. Adults also interact and receive smart feedback via the toothbrush, so they can improve their brushing performance. Playbrush is a start-up that has received multiple millions of investment from reputable investors. We have closed partnerships with several multinationals, who are enthusiastic about the “Connected Health” trend and have also received numerous awards like the Health Media Award in 2016 and the Gamification World Award 2015 in the “Best Technological Innovation” category, which reflect the success of the young company.
Organization size

Organization size

11-50 employees

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