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Superheldin is the answer for family-friendly job offers

Did you recently take on the biggest job in the world by becoming a parent? Then you might have also experienced the difficulties to now finding that family vs work balance. Let us introduce Superheldin, your new best friend.
Kristina Toender

Kristina Toender

Digital Marketing Manager
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superheldin job board

What is Superheldin?

Superheldin is a startup that was founded in 2019 in Germany by Sandra Westermann, her story is something we believe many will resonate with. Sandra decided to start her own business after she lost her own job after her own parental leave. When she excitedly started her own job search she soon found there wasn’t any job board that offered what she needed with the new addition to her family.

What is one of the biggest traits that entrepreneurs have? When there is a problem, they are there to solve it. This is exactly what Sandra has set out to do, after some extensive research and talks within her network, she knew there was a legit need for a job board for family-friendly jobs!

The biggest goal with Superheldin is to make family-friendly companies visible so mothers have an easier journey to find the right job. 

What makes Superheldin unique?

Just to state the obvious, yes superheldin in a job board, however, it is so much more than that. They are here to disrupt and really challenge the working conditions for women, whereas superheldin also wants to help companies become more flexible. 

For a startup that started recently, they have also built and created a strong social media community. You might ask yourself how? Well, they know their target group well and what they need to give for purposeful content. On their socials, they share helpful and useful tips, advice and information related to their mission. No magic, they just do their best to help women find their dream job after becoming a bit more occupied. Nothing is more powerful than an authentic mission.

How can Superheldin help your startup?

If you didn’t know this before, we are here to tell you that there is a war on talents, which means that there has been a massive power shift, where you (the talent) is actually the one with the power. What do we mean by this? In today’s society talents are coming pickier in what companies they devote their time and passion in. This means startups need to sell themselves more than ever to attract and retain these heroes that help startups grow.

This is where Superheldin can help!  They are all for creating excellent customer journeys which means they are also here to improve the digital reputation of companies. They do this with 2 different methods:

Employer Portrait

With their own magazine, they help the startup connect with talents by creating content pieces that look behind the curtains of a company. Example of how they do this is by interviewing exactly those people they want to help. They share information about the family-friendly culture at their startup or corporate job, people interview are:

  • Working mums & dads
  • Executive 
  • Hr representatives

As mentioned, this is all shared in their own magazine but they also utilize social media for spreading the content in all channels possible to share their message about these family-friendly businesses.

Social media super tool

In addition to their magazine, they also use social media to the best of their ability, where they visit bureaus in person to check out working conditions, they also have different content pieces such as:

  • Short interviews with current employees about their own working conditions
  • Interview with HR representatives that explain the jobs 
  • behind the scenes when visiting the offices of companies

We believe that this is something all businesses should be doing! This is a great way for your future talents to connect with your company before even applying. Or this could also be the key to getting those talents applying for your job opening that they didn’t plan to actually pursue. 

Superheldin changing the future

Not only do superheldin help talents with their job board and transparent content of companies, but they also encourage and help companies become family-friendly. They do this by advising and accompanying companies on their own journey, may it be today or in the future. 

Family-friendly Startup jobs openings 

Superheldin is not startup focused job platform like, however, they do have some jobs that are family-friendly and some of these we are listed for you below:

Meet Greta & Starks App GmbH, check it out here.

Meet Uniper, check it out here.

Meet Erdbär Gmbh, check it out here.

Superheldin are the heroes of the future

Meet some of the heroes behind Superheldin! For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting these heroes, we would like to empathise that Superheldin isn’t just a job board. 

It is a community, it is a game-changer for a better future.

They come to you as advisors, mentors and influencers.
They are reachable on a daily, they listen to your needs and problems to find solutions. They are here to empower women, parents and anyone else in need of a family-friendly job.

Why? Because they are here to make a change.

Now all you need to do is to go check them out and spread the word about their mission!

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