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The Student Hotel to The Social Hub: Everything you need to know

If you are a young entrepreneur looking to start or scale your business in the heart of Europe, and you need a unique and flexible co-working space, we found a perfect place for you, The Social Hub!
The Student Hotel to social hub

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What is TSH?

The Social Hub (TSH) is a diverse community where you can come to work, stay, study, or just have fun! Whether you are a local, student, professional, or just someone who is passing by, The Social Hub allows you to meet and connect with new people in one space.

It offers modern hotel rooms, offices, and conference rooms for co-working. It also has restaurants and bars, ready to please every tastebud. Best of all, it has noteworthy open spaces where you can just relax and have fun with your friends.
Spoiler Alert, there is an adult slide for all to try (it is so much fun; take our word for it!)

Located in the beautiful, up-and-coming 2nd district of Vienna, with proximity to Prater, Augarten, and Donau Insel, TSH is a truly innovative place. It is a home for the new generation of students, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs! This space is for anyone with a passion to learn, grow, and a vision for creating a better society!

The Social Hub Vienna

A Brand New Face

What was previously known as The Student Hotel, has recently become The Social Hub in its major rebranding campaign. With a new website and identity, TSH takes a big step into the future, to better represent its objectives, and with a final goal of creating an even bigger, united community! 

The brand’s new identity is designed in a way to reflect their vision of being a community that has it’s focus on hospitality, and a belief in creating a better society!

For all the exciting news and updates, check out their Instagram!

What does co-working at TSH look like?

The Social Hub has one mission; to bring together a new generation of digital nomads and entrepreneurs from around the globe. By joining The Social Hub, you gain access to a global network of creative, innovative, ambitious entrepreneurs and startups who are all working towards the same mission; to change the world!

It offers flexible co-working options, whether you want to quietly brainstorm on your own, or book a conference room to pitch your innovative ideas to others, TSH has it all!

They even have a cool auditorium that looks like a small amphitheater! 

Their innovative design and various options help transform your normal day at work into a truly memorable experience! 

And the best part is; you get to celebrate by heading over to the bar for some after-work drinks with your colleagues!

TSH Conference room - small amphitheater for big ideas

Whether you just need some time to focus in a space of your own or if you are outgrowing your current office space, TSH has the right office for you! The memberships include benefits such as 24/7 accessibility, discounts on food and drinks, and even a gym, for those who feel like taking a break and working on their summer body! 
Let’s just move straight in, right?

More than just a co-working space

Other than offering a space for you to work and socialize in, TSH has a number of events such as Inspirational talks and Pitch Nights, which help you kick off your ideas by sharing them with others and boost your career!

They also organize many sporting events to keep you fit! From Zumba time to Kick-ass Monday and basketball tournaments. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

TSH Membership

If you want to find out more details about what membership plans TSH has got in store for you, make sure to check out their website, or visit them in person at Am Tabor 36, 1020 Vienna, to get a glimpse of what they have to offer!

In case you still haven’t made up your mind and are still browsing what else Vienna has to offer before making a final decision, we have done the research for you! Make sure to check out other must known co-working spaces in Vienna!

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Quality of life, central geographical location, and reputation as Europe’s capital for emerging early-stage investment are just some of the many things that make Vienna’s startup ecosystem thrive.

This growing city, which holds 4th place on our City Rank, has a rising startup potential and a variety of co-working options to choose from, and TSH is a place designed to help you get a head start on your innovative and creative career journey!

Want to know more about our experience on our day at TSH? Check out our reel below!

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