Our partners

We value our partners just as much as we do our beloved candidates and startups on the job platform. When we shoot for the stars, we don’t imagine this journey alone: come and join us!
Partners of Speedinvest Heroes

Bitpanda is a fintech scale-up providing digital asset trading for newbies and experts alike. 

Speedinvest is one of the most active European early-stage VC funds with more than €400m AUM.

Market One Capital is a EUR 45m early-stage pan-European VC fund focused on network effects platforms.

Trending Topics is the fastest-growing innovation portal in Austria, covering important topics of the innovation landscape.

Packhelp is an online platform for creating and ordering custom-branded packaging in a web browser.

TIER Mobility is an electric scooter company providing sustainable, ride-sharing solutions to its customers.

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