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Must know co-working spaces in Vienna 2022

In recent years, Vienna has established itself as a hub for innovation and creativity. The thriving startup ecosystem in the vibrant city attracts young entrepreneurs, remote workers, and young companies. If you want to become part of this community and look for a place to work, you’ve come to the right place! Here are our top picks for the best coworking spaces in Vienna. 
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Co-working in Vienna

TSH Collab Vienna

Located within The Student Hotel in Vienna’s 2nd district, TSH Collab is a truly special coworking space. It connects ambitious creatives, entrepreneurs, start-ups and students and provides them with a unique infrastructure to work on their ideas. 

No matter if you are looking just for a desk for a day or two, an event location, or an office for your start-up: You will find it at TSH collab. The coworking space offers a memorable atmosphere that inspires and enables visitors to meet like-minded people. They also have a super cool lecture room that looks like a small amphitheatre!

Whenever you are not working, you can grab a coffee at the in-house café, enjoy your lunch in the outdoor area, or even go for a quick gym session in the hotel gym that is included in some of the subscription packages. 

Also, there are several events taking place regularly in TSH collab, allowing you to educate yourself and network with other start-up ecosystem professionals. 

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Location: Am Tabor 36, 1020 Vienna
You can find all their online information on their website.
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Talent Garden

Talent Garden Vienna is an innovation campus located in the 9th district of Vienna. On its six floors, it offers a friendly and innovative working environment in both open and private office spaces. Talent Garden is also a regular host of various events exclusively organized for the innovation and tech community. 

Moreover, it also has its own in-house comprehensive course programme, called the “Talent Garden Innovation School”. It currently offers UX-Design courses and workshops.

After a long day of working or learning, you can join your colleagues in the Talent Garden café or take part in one of various events and workshops. All in all, Talent Garden Vienna offers an enthusiastic and diverse community of people that enjoy working in a highly professional and innovative environment.

If you are looking for that, you will find it here! 

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Location: Liechtensteinstraße 111/115, 1090 Vienna
You can find all their online information on their Website
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Impact Hub Vienna

Impact Hub Vienna is a coworking space and a community for people that want to change society for the better. Here, founders, investors, start-ups, and NGOs come together to innovate and work together in order to build a more inclusive and sustainable world. 

Impact Hub Vienna offers services for start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to make a social or environmental difference – whether it is through co-working, hosting events, participating in one of their many start-up accelerator programs, or just networking.

The coworking space located in the 7th district of Vienna is currently hosting over 600 coworking members. They even have a small café that allows you to relax or network after a busy day.

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Location: Lindengasse 56, 1070 Vienna
You can find all their online information on their Website
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Am Burggarten

The coworking space Am Burggarten is located in the heart of Vienna, right on the historic Ring Road in the 1st district. It provides an unique view over the Palace Garden which also serves as a great lunch-time location. Inside a beautiful old building, Am Burggarten offers a modern office space that is accessible 24/7 for its members. Next to the coworking-desks in an open area, it also offers a meeting room to host conferences. 

If you are looking for a unique location for working on your ideas, you can definitely find it here! The location is just phenomenal and the mix between the prestigious environment and the modern equipment makes this place special.

Want more information?

Location: Goethegasse 3/3, 1010 Vienna
You can find all their online information on their Website
Need to get in contact? Here you go Contact offers a professional working environment with all services needed to innovate efficiently. It has already opened six different locations, five of them located in Vienna’s 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 23rd districts. They offer flexible access to their open space area, as well as fixed desks and private offices. 

No matter at which level your idea or your startup stands – has you covered!

The coworking space also offers working spaces to freelancers, employees of agile companies and startups, and off-location employees. Their biggest working space is located in the 6th district of Vienna. Check them out!

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Location: Gumpendorfer Straße 19, 1060 Vienna
You can find all their online information on their Website
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Loffice Wien

Located in arguably Vienna’s hippest district, the 7th, Loffice builds the bridge between creativity and business. It incorporates innovating, working, networking, and relaxing in its uniquely designed, full-service coworking space. 

Moreover, Loffice also offers a wide range of other services, such as event organization within the startup ecosystem and mentoring programs. What is also great about Loffice, is that they actively try to support and connect their members, possibly linking the next entrepreneur to their investors. 

They are a valuable part of the Viennese startup ecosystem, so make sure to check out their working space!

Want more information?

Location: Schottenfeldgasse 85, 1070 Vienna
You can find all their online information on their Website
Need to get in contact? Here you go Contact


ZI8 is not only a coworking café with desks for rent, but also wants to gather a community in a creative and relaxed atmosphere. The workspace has a beautiful interior design with brick vaults and concrete floors and is located in Vienna’s 9th district. Its aim is to allow members to fulfill their potential and accomplish their best ideas and plans. 

Moreover, it offers a variety of after-work activities like watching football matches together, photo exhibitions, board game nights, and much more. 

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Location: Zimmermanngasse 8, 1090 Vienna
You can find all their online information on their Website
Need to get in contact? Here you go Contact

Stockwerk Coworking

In a classic old building in the 15th district of Vienna, Stockwerk offers its visitors a relaxed and familiar atmosphere on four floors. You can rent single tables, offices, meeting rooms, or even event rooms on bigger occasions. 

What makes Stockwerk a top coworking space in Vienna is the thoughtfully-designed open space area that allows both focused and collaborative work. The space is attracting a diverse community of like-minded people, from startups to entrepreneurs, as well as freelancers and other small businesses. 

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Location: Pater-Schwartz Gasse 11A, 1150 Vienna
You can find all their online information on their Website
Need to get in contact? Here you go Contact


MyHive offers a special and innovative office concept with a unique design and a great working infrastructure. They have a dynamic and very active community that is not only very international but also very well connected. 

The two coworking spaces located in Vienna’s 3rd and 10th districts also offer regular networking and socializing events like sport activities, lectures by industry experts, or other after work events

MyHive follows a “we-do-it-all”-approach, offering their visitors a hotel-like service and atmosphere. You really do not have to care about anything besides your work! If you are looking for a well-designed and thought-through working space, this is a place for you to check out!

Want more information?

Location: Ungargasse 37, 1030 Vienna and Wienerbergstrasse 11, 1100 Vienna
You can find all their online information on their Website 
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Tribe.Space is not your typical coworking space, but we still think it deserves a spot on this list. Once a night club, it transformed into a coworking space and, even more importantly, a co-creation space. Here in Vienna’s 7th district, people from different companies, startups, and industries come together to work on their common ideas. 

Tribe.Space offers the location and the infrastructure to innovate. They really care about the community and only want people and startups in their collaboration space that fit their mission and vision. 

While Tribe.Space may not be a coworking space for everyone’s needs, it is definitely worth checking them out!

Want more information?

Location: Kandlgasse 19-21, 1070 Wien
You can find all their online information on their Website
Need to get in contact? Here you go Contact


Vienna is a growing city with rising potential. Being in the heart of the DACH region and Europe, it is strategically an optimal location to operate from. Vienna has a wide variety of unique collab workspaces to offer for. Whether you want to work in the center of the city or in a colorful fun office, there is a place to best fit your needs.

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