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Meet Valerie Baar-Baarenfels , Head of Talent from Friday Finance

Valerie Baar-Baarenfels has been the head of talent at since Friday Finance 2021. In today’s episode, we explore how Friday Finance acquires talent and how Valerie’s experience has been as head of talent. She shares her insights, learnings, and journey gained throughout their fast growth.

Friday Finance provides all your financial needs in one platform. Their platform is perfect for startups to see all their financial activity in real-time, make easy transactions and requests, manage taxes, and control their funding! After their successful fundraising, they have now reached their series A funding of 20 million US dollars!

Along with her experiences as head of talent, we look into Valerie’s journey on the subject of the power shift,  Friday Finances’ approach to flexible working methods, mental health strategies plus much more! 


Check out the interview here! 

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