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Meet the founder of Shpock, Katharina Klausberger

Do you have a burning idea but feel like it’s impossible to start? Stay tuned and get the much needed motivation from one of the founder of the famous Shpock, where insights and tips from their journey are shared with you!

Kristina Toender

Kristina Toender

Social Media and Content Manager
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Katherina Klausberger always had many ideas but never imagined she would create her own company. But after being inspired by personal stories of other founders, she realised ‘It’s hard to do something on your own, but it’s not impossible.’ and added ‘let’s do it!’ 

The key insights of the interview

  • Get to know Shpock and where their idea originated from
  • What makes a startup successful?
  • Shpock’s company culture
  • Onboarding process at Shpock
  • Learning journeys at Shpock
  • Tips for startup candidates


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If you want to know more, read below.

Katherina Klausberger is one of the successful founders of Shpock: a company launched in 2012 and since has taken the market by storm. Downloaded more than 50 million times across Europe, making it easy and safe to turn electronics, fashion, and (almost) anything else into money in your wallet! Originally, the company started first with Finderly, which was a social product recommendation platform for consumer electronics. The sparkle was missing with Finderly, even though milestones could have been achieved. They wanted something that had an impact. That’s where Shpock came into the picture -“Shop in your pocket” or as Katherina likes to put it, ‘window shopping in your neighborhood’. They have created a peer-to-peer marketplace that is free to use and a secure and sustainable way to buy and sell personal items. One of their slogans is ‘Zero fees. Zero hassle. Zero reason not to.’
One of her biggest pieces of advice was to ‘Hire for personality’ as skills can be outdated in 6 months. Want to hear more from her experiences? Her most important features for Shpock? Her view on people making mistakes? Tune in, you won’t regret it!

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