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Meet Nermina Mumic, Co-founder of Legitar

Meet Legitary, the early startup that has already taken the music industry by storm! They are currently analyzing over 100 billion streams to make sure results are  100% fraud free. By being the first in the market with their AI-powered algorithms, they are definitely a startup to watch out for!

Kristina Toender

Kristina Toender

Digital Marketing Manager
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The key insights of the interview 

  • Where the idea behind Legitary came from
  • How did it kick off so fast 
  • They won the Midemlab startup competition, massive win & its effect! 
  • Their first hire & what they looked our for 
  • Culture at Legitary 
  • Advice to find your future co-founder 
  • Important traits for founders to have 
  • Mental health at Legitary 
  • How to do Employeer Branding as a early-staged startup 
  • What Nermina does when struggling herself
  • The journey with the imposter syndrome & learnings

Check out the interview here! 

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If you want to know more, read below

Legitary was founded in 2019 by Nermina Mumic, Peter Filzmoser & Günter Loibl. They are now currently a team of 7, based in Vienna. Within their team they have 4 mathematicians, so they are definitely in good hands!

The aim of Legitary is to use their AI algorithms to detect fraud and make sure the artist is paid what they deserve without being cut short.
How do they do that:

  1. Monitor and validate your streaming data
  2. Insights about market performance of your tracks
  3. Detect suspicious behaviour.

Nermina mentions in our Founder Talk that they already are working with some big players in the music industry and are currently analyzing over 100 billion streams! For an early staged startup that is some crazy moves to make. 

With their win at the Midemlabs in 2019, a massive startup music competition, they made all the noise and were the only Austrian startup to even make the lineup
It is clear that the market has already noticed Legitary and we are sure we will be seeing more of them in the future!

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