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Meet Lisa, the Co-Founder of Female Founders

More than 90% of the European venture capital is going to all-male teams? The time has come to make room for the next wave of female entrepreneurs! And Lisa-Marie Fassl and her team at Female Founders are making sure that all women who want to join this ecosystem get the best chance and support possible.
Kristina Toender

Kristina Toender

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The key insights of the interview 

  • The start of Female Founders and how it was an accident (00:34)
  • What inspired them to start Female Founders (02:12)
  • What does Female Founders look like in 2030 (03:46)
  • What is Female Founders? What do they do? (05:12)
  • What Lisa wish she knew before becoming a founder (08:20)
  • Learning journey of being a founder and starting your own business (09:43 )
  • How Female Founders selected their first hire (11:29)
  • The best tip to be a good leader (12:37)
  • How to handle mistakes (13:16)
  • Traits to have as a candidate in the startup world (14:56)

Check out the interview here! 

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If you want to know more, read below

Lisa-Marie Fassl and Nina Wöss are the founders of Female Founders. They have now become the faces of a startup that will forever change the female ratio in the startup ecosystem. Female Founders is Europe’s fastest-growing community of entrepreneurial women and with their vision of re-shaping the economy and society by empowering female entrepreneurial minds. Their mission is to help solve the two biggest pain points in the European tech ecosystem, which Lisa explains very clearly is:

  1. The access to funding for female-led ventures and
  2. Bringing more female to the tech and innovation space

One of the most successful core programs that they offer are called startup
accelerator Grow F, which helps female-led ventures to become investment-ready and which was named as one of “Europe’s top 8 accelerators for female founders” and their leadership accelerator Lead F which helps female leaders to succeed in their careers.

From the very beginning, you can see that Lisa is bringing her passion for this topic to the table with zero BS and really believes in their mission, especially as one can already see the change that Female Founders are making for female entrepreneurs. This is definitely a startup to watch out for and support!
Watch the whole interview with the link above. 

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