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Meet Jan Jedlinski, the Co-Founder of Gustav

We are the Shopify for recruiters” – meet the co-founder Jan, who is a part of a digital storefront for staffing and recruiting for companies. They are here to challenge and disturb the traditional way of HR.
So where did the passion for HR tech come from? Well tune in and find out!

Kristina Toender

Kristina Toender

Social Media and Content Manager
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The key insights of the interview

  • Meet Gustav & their HR tech approach
  • Where the idea behind Gustav came from 
  • Their journey with Y combinator 
  • Meet their new product
  • The future aspect of Gustav
  • Culture at Gustav
  • Avoiding burnouts
  • Importance of network & much more

Check out the video here

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If you want to know more, read below.

Gustav was founded in 2017, by Jan Jedlinski, Benjamin Bartakovics, Daniel-Phillip Bartakovics and  Michael Ströck. Their product is HR tech, where they aren’t reinventing the wheel, but are innovating and digitizing a service that has existed for the last 80 years. The co-founder interviewed in our founder talk with Maria Baumgartner, is Jan Jedlinski. He also explains their product as being more of a modern staffing and recruiting business. 

He also talks about the journey he has had from starting in silicon valley, joining the Y combinator program, to now releasing a new product on the market called Their journey doesn’t stop here as he mentions the future mission of Gustav is to have over 10.000 users! What a goal.

They are here to power the next generation of staffing agencies and recruiters to run their business online, so they can help millions of people find work every day. Gustav supports staffing companies to present candidates to their customers. They say it might be looked upon as a client portal, but they see it as a digital storefront for forward-thinking staffing companies.

Curious to find out more? Check out the founder talk to meet one of their founders and get to know their startup better!

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