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Meet Eric Demuth, Co-founder of Bitpanda

Bitpanda is probably THE startup of the year, they earned the Unicorn status, the first Austrian startup with that title, going from 200- 700 people, moving offices – the list goes on. Big applause to Bitpanda & Eric, who joins us for our Christmas Edition of the Founder Talk.

Kristina Toender

Kristina Toender

Digital Marketing Manager
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The key insights of the interview 

  • The story behind Bitpanda & how they came to be 

  • Where did the name Bitpanda come from?

  • The future of Crypto in Europe 

  • Eric Demuth biggest lesson

  • Growth pain & challenges in scale bitpanda, 200 👉 700 people.

  • Honest answer from Eric about their culture at Bitpanda 

  • 60 days of work from anywhere at Bitpanda

  • Key trait to be a good leader 

  • Secret to become a Unicorn like Bitpanda

  • Honest talk from Eric about the pandemic 

  • Mental health at Bitpanda

  • Startups Vs. Corporates 

  • The best way Eric Demuth deals with struggles 

  • The imposter syndrome

Check out the interview here! 

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If you want to know more, read below

Bitpanda needs no introduction but for those who have been sleeping under a rock in 2021, we got you! Bitpanda was created in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek, and Christian Trummer. As mentioned in the founder talk they are now active in 7 countries & have now officially grown from 200 to 700 in the Viennese office in one year. In 2021 they also received their new status of being the first unicorn in Austria, with an insane fundraising round. – WOW, massive win for the Austrian ecosystem!!!

Their tech company serves more than 3 million customers, their mission is to give everyone more access and greater control over their financial future, where it should be on their terms, not dependent on their financial means. They have provided us with a safe, easy & accessible investment platform made for all. Open 24/7 and with no barriers. They also have a corporation with Visa so the sky is the limit! 


They want to be the number one investment platform in Europe & beyond, and even though there have been many things in the way (boring laws & regulations) Eric shares, we don’t accept a ‘no’ unless it’s 100% factually impossible. I guess we can all see where this determination and fearlessness has made them who and where they are today.

They are always looking for new heroes to join their army of passionate team members! Curious? Check out their job positions here.


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