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Meet Anna Maria, founder of AMB Technology

Anna Maria Brunnhofer-Pedemonte founded AMB Technology in Linz, Austria in 2018. AMB Technology’s vision is to develop human-centric AI. Their technology is designed to execute accurate detection, measurement, and reconstruction of human bodies. 

Their goal to digitize the human body is separated into three main pillars RedINCH, AMB data, and Raymond. RedINCH focuses on measuring the human body using 3D-scanning technology. AMB Data is centered on creating a full 3D model of any given person. Raymond is the future of computer vision, digitizing the human eye view. 

AMB Technology is always looking toward the future. In this Founder Talk episode, we discuss how their futuristic vision matches the present reality. From the transition to becoming a fully remote company to having a defined company culture, we invite you to a unique look into this truly one-of-a-kind company and founder. 

Check out the interview here! 

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