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Meet Adam, co-founder of Prezi

Adam Somlai-Fischer founded Prezi alongside Peter Halacsy and Peter Arvai in Budapest, Hungary in 2009. The company has now  expanded their operations in the USA and Latvia. Their presentation software has over 100 million users, with over 360 million presentations created and counting!

Prezi is a virtual presentation tool, but not just your everyday presentation software like PowerPoint. Their virtual presentation tools help people connect and collaborate in a more meaningful way for their audience. Their tool helps users create more captivating, engaging, and persuasive content. From in-person, video conferences, recording, and shareable videos, Prezi brings hybrid teams together like never before. 

Along with his experiences as a co-founder we look into Adam’s journey on the subject of company culture, how virtually running a company is like, and mental health during the pandemic. 

Check out the interview here! 

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