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Meet Miriam Feyer & Valerie W. Prundianu, the HR experts from Speedinvest

Miriam was the first HR person hired for Speedinvest and now has evolved her role to head of people, while Valerie joined as people manager and proud member of their new service platform+. Both women have years of experience with essential HR insights and give important advice for both candidates and founders. Biggest take away – don’t hire your HR people too late!

Kristina Toender

Kristina Toender

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The key insights of the interview

  • What makes the perfect hire 
  • Biggest mistakes candidates can do in interviews
  • How interviewers can use 3 steps to minimize biases 
  • Company culture and its importance 
  • How company culture is key for hiring new team members
  • How to optimize the onboarding process for new hires 
  • How HR has been affected by Covid and the results of that 
  • Mental health in the workplace 

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Miriam has over  11+ years of HR experience in Europe and the US, and is today a crucial part of the speedinvest team. She joined the venture capital scene and now helps founders build the team that will make their vision a reality. Aside from making sure founders optimize their HR services, she is also the head of people, taking care of her own team members at speedinvest. Sounds like a superhero to us! 

Valerie is the former HR Manager of Shpock,  where she gained exceptional insights into developing processes covering the full startup employee lifecycle from A to Z. She also strategizes their OKR’s ( Objective Key Results) which she now uses to guide other startups to optimize their strategy and reach their business goals. 

They are both part of the platform+ people team where they work closely with portfolio companies and give all the necessary HR advice to make sure the founders make it in the startup ecosystem. It’s all about supporting founders’ needs and finding the best team possible. 

In the interview it is clear that they both could talk about HR all day long, their passion is contagious and they are definitely someone you’d want to have on your team! 

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