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How to manage your profile on

Finding the right startup and a position where you can expand your knowledge and outgrow yourself is not always easy. But the first step would be to register on our job platform as an applicant and the rest will follow! Let us show you how!
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Manage profile as candidate

When you have registered on as an applicant, you are already one step closer to your dream job! It is not easy when it comes to finding the right job, which fits your expectations and your personality. Also, it depends on you where you are setting your priorities. That’s where we come into play, we have some additional tools, which can help you find your right fit! 

Below you can find the link to the tutorial video, we made this for your user journey as a candidate to be seamless when searching for your dream job!

Video tutorial on additional settings how to find your dream job!

How to use your profile

To make your job search as easy as possible, we have a few settings which make the whole process for you really smooth!

When you have Logged in on, you can always update your profile manually. Since you can always change your preferences manually, such as the field you’d like to work in, the city, or the salary range. 

Also, you can add information in your profile regarding your CV, and if you wish you can include more information about the previous jobs,  regarding your tasks and responsibilities. This would make you stand out from the crowd and you’d get noticed more in the application process. With this setting, you are already disclosing much more information about yourself. This is amazing, that would make the whole application process easier for you and for the recruiter! 

Filter options: On the lookout for your dream job!

When it comes to searching for your dream job, we have lots of filter options, which will help you to get a better overview of all the job opportunities on our job platform. If you are looking for a specific industry, we have many to choose from, from Fintech, Saas, Consumer Tech to E-commerce. 

You might already know in which occupation field you’d like to work in, there you can find several options.  Additionally, we have the filter option “funding stage” so if you would like to work for a more established startup or a company that is more in the beginning stage you can filter it straight out. 

Furthermore, you can choose the employment type you are interested in, either working full- or part-time or if you are looking for an internship or simply work as a freelancer. We are a job platform on a European scale, which means you can search for jobs from London, Paris to Berlin since we are nowadays more free than ever. Why limit yourself to one city?

Get Notified when your dream job pops up!

Also, we have a great setting within, when it comes to the notification. When you are looking for a specific occupation and your dream job is not out there yet and you don’t have the time to always lookout for new job openings. Well, don’t worry! You can set up a job alert, where you can decide if you would like to get daily, weekly or monthly notifications of new job opportunities coming up on our platform. So, you won’t miss out on your next opportunity!

Manage your Applications

Sometimes, when you are sending out too many applications, you can lose the overview, where you are still waiting for a reply or the status is for the application. It can easily get messy around you. But don’t worry, we got you covered! 

On you can see under “my application” all your already submitted applications, the status of your application process, and if any recruiters have contacted you yet. This will make everything way easier for you along the way to find your dream job!


On there are many settings for you, to be more precise in finding your dream job! It is pretty simple and really handy for everyone who is looking for an open position within the European startup ecosystem. With over 1000+ job opportunities on, we are sure you will find your dream job in no time!

Hopefully, this will make your user journey as smooth as possible, if questions arise and you have some difficulties, please feel free to contact: [email protected]

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