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How to apply for jobs on

To start an application process can be challenging and time consuming. But also exciting, as this means a new challenge will be coming your way! That’s where we come into play, on we help you with every step along the way.
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Apply for job on

After the registration on, you can simply start your application process. When looking for a job it can be very overwhelming with heaps of opportunities and amazing companies. With our help from the platform, you can easily narrow down your search which will guide you smoothly towards your dream job!

The steps are very simple and since we want to provide a smooth user journey for you, we have created a video tutorial, which can be found below.

Video tutorial, how to kick-start your application process

The steps towards your dream job!

First step: What appeals to you?

You have to log in with your existing account on or create one. You will find plenty of job varieties on our platform,  with around 1100+ jobs within Europe. So, therefore, you have a lot of job opportunities just waiting for you!

If you are already looking for a specific job, then you can enter a keyword in the search engine. And you can filter your search location-wise when you are up for a new challenge abroad, I mean why not? A new challenge in a new city sounds surely exciting! Especially when we are having heaps of job opportunities on a European scale, you can find them all waiting for you.

Filter your options

When looking for a job, you might already know which field you would like to dive into. That’s why we have some filter options for you, to make your search as simple as possible! 

Our filter possibilities:

Employment type: full-/ part-time, internship, working student, freelancer 

Industries: FinTech, DeepTech, HRTech, HealthTech etc.

Remote options: Fully- / partly remote

Occupations: Software Development, Marketing & Communications, Product Manager, Data, etc.

Experience Level: Senior, Executive, Entry-Level 

Company: Bitpandy, GoStudent, Planetly, etc. 

Funding Stage: Seed, Series A, Pre Seed, Private, etc.

If you need an extra hand on how to manage your profile on, don’t worry we’ve got you back! We have an extra tutorial just for that, to make your journey on our platform as smooth as possible.

After setting a few filters, you are surely one step closer to your dream job! Now it’s up to you, to find job opportunities with an attractive description which fits your future expectations. Nowadays, lots of young talents are looking for companies that match their values. 

So, therefore, it is not easy to find a perfect fit, where you stand 100% behind the company and its product. But I am sure, you will find your dream job along the way, especially on!

Final step: Apply!

When you have found a few job openings where you’d like to take the next step. All you have to do is to click on apply. 

In the final step, you have to include your cover letter and your CV, also you can include some more references if you want to. 

That was it, your application is now in the pipeline of the recruiter and all you have to do is to be a little bit patient and I am sure you are one step closer to your dream job!

Hopefully, this will make your user journey as smooth as possible, if questions arise and you have some difficulties, please feel free to contact:

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