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Do you feel like moving but it’s hard to compare all the European cities out there? Or are you just interested in what are the hottest startup hubs in Europe? Everything in one place: these interactive maps will guide you through and help you start your journey!¬†
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CityCountryHeroes Rank
Kiev (Kyiv)Ukraine1
Saint PetersburgRussia2
Novi SadSerbia3
Odessa (Odesa)Ukraine10
The shooting star cities which climbed up the most ranks from 2019 to 2020.
BelfastUnited Kingdom1036269
BristolUnited Kingdom431970

The Heroes Rank is calculated based on demographic key figures as well as startup specific datapoints. We invested in extensive databases to examine various perspectives of European cities and used data about cost of living, purchasing power, pollution, climate, health care, safety and traffic from Numbeo. We also leveraged data of startup rankings from Startup Blink using data including the number of new startups per year, coworking spaces, financing options and freedom of speech among others. To reflect the ever-changing startup business environment, we are updating our data sources half-yearly. We are keen on expanding our database to further improve predictions and are open to receiving your recommendations.

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The data used from Numbeo includes these data fields:
cost of living index, purchasing power index, quality of life index, pollution index, climate index, commute time index, health care index, safety index
The data used from Startup Blink includes these data fields:

#entities (startups), #startup accellerators, #global leaders (influencial startup people), #coworking spaces, #unicorns (valuation >1bn), #website traction, #exits in past 5 years (valuation >1bn and bought/trade publicly), #pantheons (startups that made a substantial impact on ecosystem), how easy it is to do business based on bureaucracy, technological infrastructure, red tape etc., internet censorship.