Krzysztof Ras, the VP Engineer of Bitpanda is smiling

Meet Krzysztof Ras, the VP Engineer of Bitpanda

How can Bitpanda be expanding to Poland in a global pandemic? Why isn’t money the main factor to attract engineers anymore? These are just some of the interesting topics the VP of engineering at Bitpanda had to share with us!

A girl is thinking hard about what vesting means

Different types of vesting

When we hear “shares” nowadays, we think we know what it actually means. But could you explain it to someone else, answering all the arising questions? If you have the slightest doubt, our article is here to make the picture a little bit clearer for you!

A guy is thinking about vesting in startups

How does vesting work and why a vesting clause is important?

Receiving shares is a general characteristics of startups, that’s why it’s crucial you understand all the buzzwords related to startup ownership. Once you were promised a specific amount of shares, vesting technically specifies when you own the full amount of these. Read for more!

An applicant is happy to know what questions to ask

Job interview questions to ask the candidate

Here you can ease the frustration related to conducting an interview. Check out this quick and easy template with sample questions that will make the candidate want to stay!

A girl is happy about founding a job at a startup

Is working in a startup the new hype?

Nowadays, everyone is speaking about startups. But do you know why? What are the advantages that people favour in an increasing amount? Read for more!