job posting is now free

Job posting is now free till the end of 2022! 

We have been reflecting on the current economic situation and changes happening in the modern-day job market. We are witnessing that these hard times are pressing a burden on many startups across Europe and we want to help. Therefore, we are excited to announce that our job platform, is providing startups with free job posts till the end of 2022! 

Top 5 job fairs in the DACH region

Top 5 Job Fairs in the DACH region | 2022

Finding a job is not only confined to job platforms and recruiting centers. Job fairs or careers fairs are an effective way to connect with companies on a human level. Career fairs allow talent to learn the ins and outs of different companies and learn about their open positions. Let’s look into the top 5 Job fairs to watch out for in the DACH region!

Must known co-working spaces in Vienna

Must know co-working spaces in Vienna 2022

In recent years, Vienna has established itself as a hub for innovation and creativity. The thriving startup ecosystem in the vibrant city attracts young entrepreneurs, remote workers, and young companies. If you want to become part of this community and look for a place to work, you’ve come to the right place! Here are our top picks for the best coworking spaces in Vienna. 

A closer look at the 4-day work week

The good and the bad: A closer look at the 4-day work week

In many businesses around the globe, a new approach towards work has entered the stage: working only four instead of five days a week should improve both companies’ outputs and employees’ job satisfaction and wellbeing. But is that really true? Click here to find out whether the trend of reduced-hour weeks holds true.

city rank find your best european city

CITY RANK: find your best European city

There are so many amazing cities to explore and eventually live in Europe – but how do you choose which one is the best? Thanks to our City Rank, we made this so easy! Just chose your preferences, and voila!

Diversity and inclusion, all you need to know

Diversity and Inclusion – all the whys & hows you have to know

Why Diversity & Inclusion matters in the workplace? There are numerous benefits you can gain, believe us! Julia Vander Hoeven, Communications Manager at Female Founders shares her insights on the topic – click, read and learn from the best!

The difference between working in a startup and a corporate

Ever wondered what is the difference between a startup and a corporate? Are you a recent graduate looking for job opportunities and do not know in which one to focus your searches on? Read more to learn about the key differences!

Job interview questions to ask the candidate

Job interview questions to ask the candidate

Here you can ease the frustration related to conducting an interview. Check out this quick and easy template with sample questions that will make the candidate want to stay!

how to post a job

How to post a job on

Finding your way through a new job platform can be challenging. To make your user journey as smooth as possible we have created a step by step tutorial on how to post a job on Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Join will help speed up your recruiting process

JOIN: Our newest partner to speed up your recruiting process

Want to achieve better hiring results using fewer resources? And attract the best minds with greater visibility? With JOIN, we’ve combined our expertise to help you attract top talent faster, while managing more applications in a smarter and less expensive manner! Let us show you how we can assist you.

power to the talent

The shift in power: from business to talent

The last two years of the pandemic haven’t just shaken up our view on our health systems and their breaking points. It has also changed the way many of us look at their job situation. As a result, a new phenomenon has emerged: the talent power shift. Read everything you need to know about the current shakeup in the job world today!

startup recruiter

How to manage your account on as a recruiter!

Finding the right talent for your organization is really hard nowadays, especially for a startup. When you need driven, enthusiastic and hands-on people. That’s where comes into play! We will show you how to manage your account and leverage the benefits from it.

superheldin job board

Superheldin is the answer for family-friendly job offers

Did you recently take on the biggest job in the world by becoming a parent? Then you might have also experienced the difficulties to now finding that family vs work balance. Let us introduce, your new best friend.

startup events

Startup events in Europe you can’t miss in 2022!

Are you curious to get the newest insights into startups, eager to network in the scene or just listen to the latest entrepreneurial trends? Look no further, because we’ve listed all the most important startup events in Europe in 2022 for you!

use as recruiter

How to use as a recruiter

Are you looking for the best talents in Europe, the perfect fit who is eager and passionate? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! On you can register your startup, upload your open positions and your perfect fit will be already waiting in the pipeline!

future of green tech

The future of Europe’s tech startup sector is green

The spotlight is shining brightly on Europe’s tech startup scene, and it is shining green! Are you all up to date with recent news and facts about Planet Positive and GreenTech startups? Read all you need to know about the latest green trends in the European tech startup scene here!

Meet figures

Meet – the new salary benchmark for startups & VC

More than ever the importance of attracting & attaining talents is at an all-time high! But the endless question is how? Many factors count here, but one that is essential is salary. For some, it isn’t the most important but for the majority of people, nobody likes being underpaid. Tune in to discover your new best friend.

vienna guide

Why should you move to Vienna? Reasons & Tips

Are you planning to move to Vienna? We totally get it: Vienna has amazing startup jobs, beautiful landscapes and easy transportation. Are you looking for a city with a good healthcare and high standard of living? You can find it there – check out our article for more insights about Vienna!

A female founder is really happy to found her own startup

12 Can’t-Miss Events of 2021 For Startups

Are you interested in learning new skills, getting inspired by other founders or simply tune in and gain some insights? Then Female Founders put together the perfect list for you, presenting the top events of 2021 you shouldn’t miss! Read for more.

The founder and CEO of Perfood is explaining their Employer Branding

7 thoughts on the workplace of today: Dominik Burziwoda

Why Perfood gives free Spotify premium accounts to its employees? What are the tools Perfood uses to promote honesty, employee satisfaction and diversity? Dominik Burziwoda, CEO and founder gives us a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see how this successful startup operates behind the scenes. Are you a startup or candidate? Relevant for both – read more here!

A girl is thinking hard about what vesting means

Different types of vesting

When we hear “shares” nowadays, we think we know what it actually means. But could you explain it to someone else, answering all the arising questions? If you have the slightest doubt, our article is here to make the picture a little bit clearer for you!

A girl is happy about founding a job at a startup

Is working in a startup the new hype?

Nowadays, everyone is speaking about startups. But do you know why? What are the advantages that people favour so much? Read for more!