fiskaly ceo

Meet Johannes Ferner, CEO & Co-Founder of Fiskaly

fiskaly is taking the central fintech scene by storm with their digitalised receipt system. As a growing fintech company we look into the various element Johannes faces in this booming industry

Meet Anna Maria, founder of AMB Technology

Meet Anna Maria Brunnhofer, founder of AMB Technology. In this episode, we dive into what it takes to run a fully remote, AI based startup. From defining a company culture to adjusting to new working models, we look into the future for not only AI but also startups as a whole.

Founder talk with Adam Fischer

Meet Adam, co-founder of Prezi

Find out the story behind one of the worlds leading presentation software, Prezi. Tune in and hear how a small startup in Budapest became a global virtual company with offices now in Riga and San Francisco.

Founder talk with Maria and Michael

Meet Michael Kraeftner, founder of Celum

Meet Michael Kraeftner, founder & CEO of CELUM. In today’s episode we explore how 23 years of knowledge has brought Michael and Celum to where they are today. From topics such as company culture to challenging the modern concept of the work-life balance, this is not an episode to miss out on!

FOUNDER TALK Sophie bolzer

Meet Sophie Bolzer, founder of Audvice

Meet Sophie, the single founder who is creating a new way to share knowledge, educate, and communicate with the power of voice messaging! Download Audvice today.

Maria and Eric demuth founder talk

Meet Eric Demuth, Co-founder of Bitpanda

Bitpanda is probably THE startup of the year, they earned the Unicorn status, the first Austrian startup with that title, going from 200- 700 people, moving offices – the list goes on. Big applause to Bitpanda & Eric, who joins us for our Christmas Edition of the Founder Talk.

Maria and Nermina for the founder talk interview

Meet Nermina Mumic, Co-founder of Legitar

Meet Legitary, the early startup that has already taken the music industry by storm! They are currently analyzing over 100 billion streams to make sure results are 100% legit. By being the first in the market with their AI powered service, they are definitely a startup to watch out for!

Founder Talk with Maria and Travis Pittman

Meet Travis Pittman, Co-founder of TourRadar

Meet the Aussie legend that has taken the tourism industry in our european ecosystem by storm! As you can imagine the pandemic has had its ups and downs, but they are coming back now more innovative and fresh than ever before! Tune in to see what is next for TourRadar.

Selma Prodanovic founder talk

Meet Selma Prodanovic, the startup Grande Dame

Meet the startup grande madame , she has done it all and seen it all. If you haven’t seen any of the founder talks yet, this is the one to jump into! Want inspiration from an entrepreneur, author, mother, serial founder, investor & inspirational keynote speaker? Well, meet Selma.

Maria and Jan, founder talk

Meet Jan Jedlinski, the Co-Founder of Gustav

“We are the shopify for recruiters” – meet the co-founder Jan, who is a part of a digital storefront for staffing and recruiting for companies. They are here to challenge and disturb the traditional way of HR. So where did the passion for HR tech come from? Well tune in and find out!

MARIA and anna founder talk

Meet Anna, the Co-Founder of Gnista

“Our vision is to make the production industry more sustainable in the long term and to give the people who work there the opportunity to make a positive contribution themselves” says the new and upcoming co-founder of Gnista, Anna. Go green tech!

Maria and Hannes founder talk cover

Meet Hannes Aigner, the CEO of mikme

A great leader doesn’t rely on authority and their biggest asset is to unlock the potential of those around them, they obtain great traits like openness, empathy & observation. Hannes Aigner shares his journey of working with great leaders and how he believes great leaders are created.

Maria & Klaudia founder talk interview

Meet Klaudia Bachinger, the Co-Founder of WisR

How does one go from being a filmmaker to a founder of a startup? As we have heard from many of our Founders, the founder journey is a rollercoaster, and sometimes it comes to an end. Klaudia takes us on this rollercoaster and also opens up about the closing of WisR. However, it is not the end, just a new beginning yet to be discovered.

Tom & Maria Founder Talk

Meet Tom Kupper, the Co-Founder of Bloom Diagnostics

Let us introduce to you the co-founder of Bloom Diagnostics, who has developed a digital test system that combines biotechnology, real-time data processing and medical research all in one product. Their aim is to provide people with information about their health in an understandable way, without all the noise.

Meet Thomas, the Co-Founder from App Radar

Who knew that the apps you once paid for would be your future clients? Well that is exactly what Thomas, the co-founder of App Radar experienced. His passion for both product and clients is very evident, and by using App Radar they help apps be successful on a worldwide level.

Preview photo of Petra Dobrocka and Maria Baumgartner for the founder talk

Meet Petra, the Co-Founder from byrd

With the mission to revolutionize the logistics industry and wanting to be the nr.1 one fulfillment solution in Europe, there is no doubt that the drive & passion is real. Petra shares their beginning, growth and future. Get ready to be inspired!

A preview photo of Lisa Fassl and Maria Baumgartner from their interview

Meet Lisa, the Co-Founder of Female Founders

More than 90% of the european venture capital is going to all male teams? Lisa-Marie Fassl and her team at Female Founders are making sure that all female entrepreneur get the best support to change the status quo.

Photo of Romy von Roeder and Maria Baumgartner for their interview

Meet Romy Von Roeder VP at Tier Mobility

Check out the Expert interview with Romy Von Roeder from Tier Mobility! She is the VP of people and culture, and has great inside knowledge about how to scale a startup as successfully as Tier has. Check it out!

Bastian Kellhofer, the co-founder of Trending Topics gives interview on

Meet the co-founder of Trending Topics, Bastian Kellhofer

Do you know, what was the inspiration behind Trending Topics, and what’s the future outlook and mission of the startup? If you are interested in what Bastian Kellhofer, proud co-founder has to say about mistakes, first hires, and best practices, tune in!

Miriam, Valeria and Maria are presented on an Expert Talk cover image

Meet Miriam Feyer & Valerie W. Prundianu, the HR experts from Speedinvest

Miriam was the first HR person hired for Speedinvest and now has evolved her role to head of people, while Valerie joined as people manager and proud member of their new product platform+. They now give us exclusive interview about their HR insights and biggest learnings!

Meet Anna Alex, the founder of Planetly

“If the carbon footprint is the most important KPI of humanity, of the century, then why are we leaving this to excel sheet.” A female warrior who wanted to step up the game in sustainability and technology. But how did she go from a founder of male fashion to climate action? Stay tuned and she will share her story and insights.

Krzysztof Ras, the VP Engineer of Bitpanda is smiling

Meet Krzysztof Ras, the VP Engineer of Bitpanda

How can Bitpanda be expanding to Poland in a global pandemic? Why isn’t money the main factor to attract engineers anymore? These are just some of the interesting topics the VP of engineering at Bitpanda had to share with us!

Maria Baumgartner and Lukas Rippitsch standing next to each other

Meet Maria Baumgartner and Lukas Rippitsch, our managing partners

Listen to the interview with Maria Baumgartner and Lukas Rippitsch who share valuable insights about their startup career, what are the strengths needed in this ecosystem and how to build up a kick-ass team to bring the envisioned products to life!

Katharina Klausberger, the founder of Shpock giving an interview

Meet the founder of Shpock, Katharina Klausberger

Do you have a burning idea but feel like it’s impossible to start?
Stay tuned and get the much needed motivation from one of the founder of the famous Shpock, where insights and tips from their journey are shared with you!

Oliver Holle, the founder of Speedinvest giving an interview

Meet the founder of Speedinvest, Oliver Holle

Need insights from a person who is the literal definition of an entrepreneur? Need to know his key indicators to succeed in the startup ecosystem or his biggest mistakes in this wild journey that started in 1992? Well, we got you covered!