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Apply for job on

How to apply for jobs on

To start an application process can be challenging and time consuming. But also exciting, as this means a new challenge will be coming your way! That’s where we come into play, on we help you with every step along the way.

startup recruiter

How to manage your account on as a recruiter!

Finding the right talent for your organization is really hard nowadays, especially for a startup. When you need driven, enthusiastic and hands-on people. That’s where comes into play! We will show you how to manage your account and leverage the benefits from it.

Manage profile as candidate

How to manage your profile on

Finding the right startup and a position where you can expand your knowledge and outgrow yourself is not always easy. But the first step would be to register on our job platform as an applicant and the rest will follow! Let us show you how!

use as recruiter

How to use as a recruiter

Are you looking for the best talents in Europe, the perfect fit who is eager and passionate? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! On you can register your startup, upload your open positions and your perfect fit will be already waiting in the pipeline! Let us show you the steps on how to get started.

Vienna guide image

Why should you move to Vienna? Reasons & Tips

Are you planning to move to Vienna? We totally get it: Vienna has amazing startup jobs, beautiful landscapes and easy transportation. Are you looking for a city with a good healthcare and high standard of living? You can find it there – check out our article for more insights about Vienna!

How to write a personal statement/bio in a CV?

You don’t know how to stand out in an application process? With the right personal statement, you will shine! With our tips on how to write a personal statement, you will catch the interest of recruiters and get your dream job in no time!