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Digital Marketing Intern

Meet Anna Alex, the founder of Planetly

“If the carbon footprint is the most important KPI of humanity, of the century, then why are we leaving this to excel sheet.” A female warrior who wanted to step up the game in sustainability and technology. But how did she go from a founder of male fashion to climate action? Stay tuned and she will share her story and insights.

Krzysztof Ras, the VP Engineer of Bitpanda is smiling

Meet Krzysztof Ras, the VP Engineer of Bitpanda

How can Bitpanda be expanding to Poland in a global pandemic? Why isn’t money the main factor to attract engineers anymore? These are just some of the interesting topics the VP of engineering at Bitpanda had to share with us!

Maria Baumgartner and Lukas Rippitsch standing next to each other

Meet Maria Baumgartner and Lukas Rippitsch, our managing partners

Listen to the interview with Maria Baumgartner and Lukas Rippitsch who share valuable insights about their startup career, what are the strengths needed in this ecosystem and how to build up a kick-ass team to bring the envisioned products to life!

Katharina Klausberger, the founder of Shpock giving an interview

Meet the founder of Shpock, Katharina Klausberger

Do you have a burning idea but feel like it’s impossible to start?
Stay tuned and get the much needed motivation from one of the founder of the famous Shpock, where insights and tips from their journey are shared with you!

Oliver Holle, the founder of Speedinvest giving an interview

Meet the founder of Speedinvest, Oliver Holle

Need insights from a person who is the literal definition of an entrepreneur? Need to know his key indicators to succeed in the startup ecosystem or his biggest mistakes in this wild journey that started in 1992? Well, we got you covered!