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A man who struggles to do his interest on his CV

What interests to put on a CV

There are so many things you have to consider when you write your CV: how to add your interests is definitely one of them! Check out this article to learn why interests on your CV can help you, how you should put them and mistakes you should avoid!

A girl is thinking how to ace a phone job interview

How to ace a phone job interview

A phone interview is different than a face-to-face interview. But is it harder? What are the best practices to succeed on a phone interview? In this article, you’ll get a complete guide so you can rock your next one! Read for more!

How to find a job in Vienna

How to find a job in vienna, austria

Are you searching for a job in Vienna, and you don’t know where to start exactly? This article will help you step-by-step and shows you all the things you have to do to get your dream job. The ultimate guide for job seekers in Vienna – what are you waiting for? Read now!

A woman is happy to find out which European city she should move to

CITY RANK: find your best European city

There are so many amazing cities to explore and eventually live in Europe – but how do you choose which one is the best? Thanks to our City Rank, we made this so easy! Just chose your preferences, and voila!

A guy is thinking how to work from home

13 tips to work from home effectively

More and more companies prefer remote work as they can focus on recruiting talents regardless of borders! But are you ready to work effectively from home? After this article, you will be!

A girl is thinking hard about what vesting means

Different types of vesting

When we hear “shares” nowadays, we think we know what it actually means. But could you explain it to someone else, answering all the arising questions? If you have the slightest doubt, our article is here to make the picture a little bit clearer for you!

An applicant is happy to know what questions to ask

Job interview questions to ask the candidate

Here you can ease the frustration related to conducting an interview. Check out this quick and easy template with sample questions that will make the candidate want to stay!