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Communications Manager at Female Founders
Two women are happy to learn about personal branding

Personal Branding for Female Entrepreneurs

In the business world it’s not enough to have good expertise but you also have to make people remember you, as a character. Personal Branding is a perfect tool to achieve this! Read for specific tips and explanation, what Personal Branding is and why it is so important!

A girl is happy because she found a workplace that accepts her

Diversity and Inclusion – all the whys & hows you have to know

Why Diversity & Inclusion matters in the workplace? There are numerous benefits you can gain, believe us! Julia Vander Hoeven, Communications Manager at Female Founders shares her insights on the topic – click, read and learn from the best!

A female founder is really happy to found her own startup

12 Can’t-Miss Events of 2021 For Startups

Are you interested in learning new skills, getting inspired by other founders or simply tune in and gain some insights? Then Female Founders put together the perfect list for you, presenting the top events of 2021 you shouldn’t miss! Read for more.