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People are looking at the 7 top course platforms

7 TOP online course providers

re you between jobs and you have some extra free time? Or are you looking for a job and you would like to deepen your skills in a particular field? There are plenty of online courses available and it’s worth checking them out since some of them are also available for free.

A girl is happy to learn languages online

TOP 5 apps to learn new languages

Studying a new language can be really tough, but it worth the try because it’s also really valuable! Let these top platforms easy your pain and make learning feel like a game!

A girl is happy about founding a job at a startup

Is working in a startup the new hype?

Nowadays, everyone is speaking about startups. But do you know why? What are the advantages that people favour in an increasing amount? Read for more!

A girl is struggling to answer during the interview

Interview preparation: why should we hire you?

Interview preparation generates a lot of stress and requires research and good insight. In the end, it all comes down to sell yourself – learn how you can answer one of the toughest questions: why should we hire you?