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People are looking at the 7 top course platforms

7 TOP online course providers

Are you between jobs and you have some extra free time? Or are you looking for a job and you would like to deepen your skills in a particular field? There are plenty of online courses available and it’s worth checking them out since some of them are also available for free.

tutorial video for wcbh

How to use as a candidate

Are you searching for an exciting opportunity to jump into something new? If you’re looking for a startup job in Europe that will fulfill all your dreams, we got you covered! The job application process might be confusing sometimes, but on our job matching platform it doesn’t have to be.

A girl is looking at the top cv builders of 2021

8 Best CV builders of 2021

While looking for a job, the preparation of an eye-catching CV is one of the first and fundamental steps to succeed. Check out our top list of best CV builders to get the job offer you dream of!

A girl is wondering if she is a startup fit

Should you join a startup? Find it out now!

There are many differences in startups and corporates! Which one do you think fits better for you? Not sure yet? Then check out in this article, whether you’re a startup fit!

Colleagues are learning how to code

Learn how to code: 5 TOP online options

Learning how to code is not as hard as it sounds, especially when you have so many cool learning platforms available! Check them out here.

A girl is happy to learn languages online

TOP 5 apps to learn new languages

Studying a new language can be really tough, but it worth the try because it’s also really valuable! Let these top platforms easy your pain and make learning feel like a game!

A girl is happy about founding a job at a startup

Is working in a startup the new hype?

Nowadays, everyone is speaking about startups. But do you know why? What are the advantages that people favour so much? Read for more!

why should we hire you

Interview preparation: why should we hire you?

Interview preparation generates a lot of stress and requires research and good insight. In the end, it all comes down to selling yourself – learn now how you can answer one of the toughest questions: “why should we hire you?”!