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fiskaly ceo

Meet Johannes Ferner, CEO & Co-Founder of Fiskaly

fiskaly is taking the central fintech scene by storm with their digitalised receipt system. As a growing fintech company we look into the various element Johannes faces in this booming industry

Free job posting for your startup

Job posting is now free till the end of 2022! 

We have been reflecting on the current economic situation and changes happening in the modern-day job market. We are witnessing that these hard times are pressing a burden on many startups across Europe and we want to help. Therefore, we are excited to announce that our job platform, is providing startups with free job posts till the end of 2022! 

Job Fair in DACH Region

Top 5 Job Fairs in the DACH region | 2022

Finding a job is not only confined to job platforms and recruiting centers. Job fairs or careers fairs are an effective way to connect with companies on a human level. Career fairs allow talent to learn the ins and outs of different companies and learn about their open positions. Let’s look into the top 5 Job fairs to watch out for in the DACH region!

diversity and inclusion in startups

Team Diversity in Startups | What should it look like?

We live in a world where people from all walks of life are now becoming more interconnected than ever. Startups are learning to embrace this diversity and making inclusion a key feature of building their team. But What are the benefits of having team diversity? Let’s find out what it means to have diversity and inclusion in the startup world today

Meet Anna Maria, founder of AMB Technology

Meet Anna Maria Brunnhofer, founder of AMB Technology. In this episode, we dive into what it takes to run a fully remote, AI based startup. From defining a company culture to adjusting to new working models, we look into the future for not only AI but also startups as a whole.

Founder talk with Adam Fischer

Meet Adam, co-founder of Prezi

Find out the story behind one of the worlds leading presentation software, Prezi. Tune in and hear how a small startup in Budapest became a global virtual company with offices now in Riga and San Francisco.

Founder talk with Maria and Michael

Meet Michael Kraeftner, founder of Celum

Meet Michael Kraeftner, founder & CEO of CELUM. In today’s episode we explore how 23 years of knowledge has brought Michael and Celum to where they are today. From topics such as company culture to challenging the modern concept of the work-life balance, this is not an episode to miss out on!

FOUNDER TALK Sophie bolzer

Meet Sophie Bolzer, founder of Audvice

Meet Sophie, the single founder who is creating a new way to share knowledge, educate, and communicate with the power of voice messaging! Download Audvice today.