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4 day work week

The good and the bad: A closer look at the 4-day work week

In many businesses around the globe, a new approach towards work has entered the stage: working only four instead of five days a week should improve both companies’ outputs and employees’ job satisfaction and wellbeing. But is that really true? Click here to find out whether the trend of reduced-hour weeks holds true.

power to the talent

The shift in power: from business to talent

The last two years of the pandemic haven’t just shaken up our view on our health systems and their breaking points. It has also changed the way many of us look at their job situation. As a result, a new phenomenon has emerged: the talent power shift. Read everything you need to know about the current shakeup in the job world today!

internship in startup

Should you do a startup internship?

Are you eager to gain some hands-on experience in a company, but not yet sure whether to go for a big corporate, an SME or a startup? Find everything you might want to know about working as an intern in a startup here!

startup events

Startup events in Europe you can’t miss in 2022!

Are you curious to get the newest insights into startups, eager to network in the scene or just listen to the latest entrepreneurial trends? Look no further, because we’ve listed all the most important startup events in Europe in 2022 for you!

future of green tech

The future of Europe’s tech startup sector is green

The spotlight is shining brightly on Europe’s tech startup scene, and it is shining green! Are you all up to date with recent news and facts about Planet Positive and GreenTech startups? Read all you need to know about the latest green trends in the European tech startup scene here!