13 most common interview questions

Are you preparing for an interview and do not know what to expect? We share some of the most commonly asked interview questions with tips on what interviewers are looking for so you can nail your next job interview!

A man is having a hard time answering interview questions

13 most common interview questions

Are you preparing for an interview and do not know what to expect? We share some of the most commonly asked interview questions with tips on what interviewers are looking for so you can nail your next job interview!

Two women are happy to learn about personal branding

Personal Branding for Female Entrepreneurs

In the business world it’s not enough to have good expertise but you also have to make people remember you, as a character. Personal Branding is a perfect tool to achieve this! Read for specific tips and explanation, what Personal Branding is and why it is so important!

A man is having a hard time answering interview questions

13 most common interview questions

Are you preparing for an interview and do not know what to expect? We share some of the most commonly asked interview questions with tips on what interviewers are looking for so you can nail your next job interview!

How to write a personal statement/bio in a CV?

You don’t know how to stand out in an application process? With the right personal statement, you will shine! With our tips on how to write a personal statement, you will catch the interest of recruiters and get your dream job in no time!

A guy is thinking how to work from home

13 tips to work from home effectively

More and more companies prefer remote work as they can focus on recruiting talents regardless of borders! But are you ready to work effectively from home? After this article, you will be!

Photo of Thomas Kriebernegg and Maria baumgartner for the founder talk interview

Meet Thomas, the Co-Founder from App Radar

Who knew that the apps you once paid for would be your future clients? Well that is exactly what Thomas, the co-founder of App Radar experienced. His passion for both product and clients is very evident, and by using App Radar they help apps be successful on a worldwide level.

How to reject a job offer?

How to politely reject a job offer

Politely rejecting a job offer will not only keep your reputation intact but also make you an interesting candidate for a future position. In this article you can find some tips on how to best do it!

Preview photo of Petra Dobrocka and Maria Baumgartner for the founder talk

Meet Petra, the Co-Founder from byrd

With the mission to revolutionize the logistics industry and wanting to be the nr.1 one fulfillment solution in Europe, there is no doubt that the drive & passion is real. Petra shares their beginning, growth and future. Get ready to be inspired!

A girl is looking at the top cv builders of 2021

8 Best CV builders of 2021

While looking for a job, the preparation of an eye-catching CV is one of the first and fundamental steps to succeed. Check out our top list of best CV builders to get the job offer you dream of!

A preview photo of Lisa Fassl and Maria Baumgartner from their interview

Meet Lisa, the Co-Founder of Female Founders

More than 90% of the european venture capital is going to all male teams? Lisa-Marie Fassl and her team at Female Founders are making sure that all female entrepreneur get the best support to change the status quo.

Photo of Romy von Roeder and Maria Baumgartner for their interview

Meet Romy Von Roeder VP at Tier Mobility

Check out the Expert interview with Romy Von Roeder from Tier Mobility! She is the VP of people and culture, and has great inside knowledge about how to scale a startup as successfully as Tier has. Check it out!

Bastian Kellhofer, the co-founder of Trending Topics gives interview on wecanbeheroes.io

Meet the co-founder of Trending Topics, Bastian Kellhofer

Do you know, what was the inspiration behind Trending Topics, and what’s the future outlook and mission of the startup? If you are interested in what Bastian Kellhofer, proud co-founder has to say about mistakes, first hires, and best practices, tune in!

A girl is looking for a job

Why you didn’t get hired? 10 explanations

Have you already felt like you found the job that perfectly suited your qualifications? But then why you didn’t get to the next stage?! Find out NOW why the recruiter might have rejected you!

A girl is wondering if she is a startup fit

Should you join a startup? Find it out now!

There are many differences in startups and corporates! Which one do you think fits better for you? Not sure yet? Then check out in this article, whether you’re a startup fit!

Two people are wondering, what is the STAR method

How can the STAR method help you answer interview questions

Not sure how to show an interviewer you have a competency that is required for the job? Do you struggle to give precise answers in an interview? Not sure what the recruiter wants to hear when asking about an experience at work from the past? The STAR interview response method can help you structure your answers when responding to behavioural based questions.

Meet Anna Alex, the founder of Planetly

“If the carbon footprint is the most important KPI of humanity, of the century, then why are we leaving this to excel sheet.” A female warrior who wanted to step up the game in sustainability and technology. But how did she go from a founder of male fashion to climate action? Stay tuned and she will share her story and insights.

A female founder is really happy to found her own startup

12 Can’t-Miss Events of 2021 For Startups

Are you interested in learning new skills, getting inspired by other founders or simply tune in and gain some insights? Then Female Founders put together the perfect list for you, presenting the top events of 2021 you shouldn’t miss! Read for more.

Two people want to leave corporates and join startups

The difference between working in a startup and a corporate

Ever wondered what is the difference between a startup and a corporate? Are you a recent graduate looking for job opportunities and do not know in which one to focus your searches on? Read more to learn about the key differences!

A girl is happy to join the startup job platform

Look for a startup job on our platform!

Are you searching for an exciting opportunity to jump into something new? If you’re looking for a startup job in Europe that will fulfill all your dreams, we got you covered! The job application process might be confusing sometimes, but on our job matching platform it doesn’t have to be.

Krzysztof Ras, the VP Engineer of Bitpanda is smiling

Meet Krzysztof Ras, the VP Engineer of Bitpanda

How can Bitpanda be expanding to Poland in a global pandemic? Why isn’t money the main factor to attract engineers anymore? These are just some of the interesting topics the VP of engineering at Bitpanda had to share with us!

The founder and CEO of Perfood is explaining their Employer Branding

7 thoughts on the workplace of today: Dominik Burziwoda

Why Perfood gives free Spotify premium accounts to its employees? What are the tools Perfood uses to promote honesty, employee satisfaction and diversity? Dominik Burziwoda, CEO and founder gives us a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see how this successful startup operates behind the scenes. Are you a startup or candidate? Relevant for both – read more here!

Katharina Klausberger, the founder of Shpock giving an interview

Meet the founder of Shpock, Katharina Klausberger

Do you have a burning idea but feel like it’s impossible to start?
Stay tuned and get the much needed motivation from one of the founder of the famous Shpock, where insights and tips from their journey are shared with you!

Oliver Holle, the founder of Speedinvest giving an interview

Meet the founder of Speedinvest, Oliver Holle

Need insights from a person who is the literal definition of an entrepreneur? Need to know his key indicators to succeed in the startup ecosystem or his biggest mistakes in this wild journey that started in 1992? Well, we got you covered!

A girl is feeling empowered to become a leader

How to become the leader of tomorrow?

Have you always imagined yourself in a leader position but never really knew what kind of skills you would really need? This article will ease your pain!

A girl is thinking hard about what vesting means

Different types of vesting

When we hear “shares” nowadays, we think we know what it actually means. But could you explain it to someone else, answering all the arising questions? If you have the slightest doubt, our article is here to make the picture a little bit clearer for you!

People are looking at the 7 top course platforms

7 TOP online course providers

Are you between jobs and you have some extra free time? Or are you looking for a job and you would like to deepen your skills in a particular field? There are plenty of online courses available and it’s worth checking them out since some of them are also available for free.

A girl is happy to find the top 3 resume templates for startups

3 Top Resume Templates for the Startup World

We all know the struggle of starting a CV from scratch. To make your life a whole lot easier, we created three highly exclusive resume templates for you that can be downloaded here for free!

A girl is happy to learn languages online

TOP 5 apps to learn new languages

Studying a new language can be really tough, but it worth the try because it’s also really valuable! Let these top platforms easy your pain and make learning feel like a game!

Two job seekers are looking at the computer

5 Must-Read Blogs for iOS Developers

Since software development is a fast-changing field, you always have to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the industry! Patrick Wolowicz got you covered.

A guy is thinking about vesting in startups

How does vesting work and why a vesting clause is important?

Receiving shares is a general characteristics of startups, that’s why it’s crucial you understand all the buzzwords related to startup ownership. Once you were promised a specific amount of shares, vesting technically specifies when you own the full amount of these. Read for more!

An applicant is happy to know what questions to ask

Job interview questions to ask the candidate

Here you can ease the frustration related to conducting an interview. Check out this quick and easy template with sample questions that will make the candidate want to stay!

A girl is struggling to answer during the interview

Interview preparation: why should we hire you?

Interview preparation generates a lot of stress and requires research and good insight. In the end, it all comes down to sell yourself – learn how you can answer one of the toughest questions: why should we hire you?