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Speedinvest Heroes is the HR-Tech company that owns the brand wecanbeheroes.io. Let it be recruiting or consulting, through all of our services our top priority is you, the talent. In case you’re wondering why, the answer is simple: you are the hero of tomorrow. The opportunity to disrupt industries and change the world is in your hand. And we couldn’t be more excited to see the results of perfectly matching a promising talent with a brave startup!

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What is wecanbeheroes.io? 

Another classical job platform? Absolutely not. Our mission with wecanbeheroes.io is to connect promising heroes with cutting-edge European startups, overcoming all the obstacles this industry is facing when hiring talents.

Everyone has their own superpower, and on our career platform, you can find the job that will reveal your full potential to become your own superhero!

What do we stand for


Startups and candidates can trust in our knowledge. We’ve been in the startup ecosystem since 1992, that’s why we know we have the right insights and understanding of what your needs are.


We truly care to reveal the potential of every person because we know, if talented candidates are not in the right company, they cannot leverage their talent to its greatest potential.​


Our startup knowledge is backed by several studies, with one connecting determinator:  how can we find the most suitable candidates for the startups in need.


We are not just very passionate ourselves, but truly care to find every hero’s own path to become just as passionate as we are in our daily work.

Working together.

Growing together.

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The team that makes everything happen

Our team is our main pillar for our growth. But we are so much more than just colleagues working together. Laughter. Friendships. Memories. Support. Few of the many words describing our work life together.
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Meet our managing partners

Maria Baumgartner & Lukas Rippitsch

If you want to get an insight into our culture, as well as dive into the startup experience and learn from the bests, this is your chance! 

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What do you think about Speedinvest Heroes?

Client Photo
Cheryl Gyankyi Ex-HR Consultant

My time at Speedinvest-Heroes was terrific. Not only did I get the chance to enter the startup scene, I was also able to deepen my HR know-how and meet inspiring team members and founders. I will never forget what Heroes has done for me. Big thank you!

Client Photo
Valerie Wiederkehr-Prundianu Ex-HR Consultant

I am so grateful for my time at Heroes where I met wonderful people, dove into various interesting and challenging recruitment projects, and made true friends. It was a great learning experience - both personally and professionally. Thanks, Heroes!

Client Photo
Benedict Stacke Ex-Senior HR Consultant

Working at Heroes means immersing into the world of startups & people, helping aspirational entrepreneurs changing the way business is done around the globe. A team of funny, engaged, and helpful HR experts await you to embark on this journey together.

Client Photo
Clemens Dirisamer Junior HR Consultant

Heroes are rather a family than a team, simply because they really take care of your personal and vocational growth. You can be whoever you are here.

Client Photo
Karin Levy Digital Marketing & Strategy Analyst

Whenever I have to "pitch" Speedinvest Heroes to people, I never feel like I exaggerate - my enthusiasm towards my colleagues and every good word I say about our projects, I truly mean it. I feel like I finally arrived where I belonged.

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Phone: + 43 676 571 66 36
Email: office@wecanbeheroes.io
Praterstraße 1, 1020 Vienna, Austria
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