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3 Top Resume Templates for the Startup World

We all know the struggle of starting a CV from scratch. To make your life a whole lot easier, we created three highly exclusive resume templates for you that can be downloaded here for free!
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A girl is happy to find the top 3 resume templates for startups

All you have to do is to make sure that the layout, design, and colors match with the type of job you are applying for. Since we are concentrating on the startup scene all our samples follow a more modern design to convey young or creative vibes.

The clean one

Rule number one – try to keep your CV as short as possible.

In the best case, it fits on one page only. You have a lot of experience and don’t know how to fit your whole life on one tiny piece of paper? Then this template will help you use up the available space in a structured way so that all information can be clearly shown. If necessary, a second page can also be put to use. Here, the spotlight is thrown on your professional background and detailed achievements without any distraction by fancy graphics.

Download template #1

The infographic one

In this case, the focus lies on giving a general overview of your accomplishments following the principle “short and sweet”.

If you intend to spice up things and capture your profound expertise in a more dynamic way, the following template might be an enlightening source of inspiration. The three columns allow for enough space to describe your personal, educational and professional details as well as your specific skills. Moreover, a timeline helps to visualize your past career path. Download template #2

The designer one

Rule number 2 – templates are an absolute no-go for creatives :)!

You are a designer or applying for a job in the creative industry? Then what the heck are you doing here?! It is important to show that you can think out of the box. Nevertheless, template #3 provides a decent example of how you can present your experience in a more graphical, but clear manner by using as few words as possible. The cover picture behind the profile can easily be replaced with any other image of your choice.

Download template #3

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