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Why us?

Another classic job platform? Absolutely not. On our platform, we connect promising candidates with cutting-edge European startups.


On our job platform, there is no space for corporate jobs. We aim to gather talents who are keen on working for young and dynamic companies and build up a European-based talent pool.


We do not focus on a single job market or DACH region. The remote job trend, which started already some years ago, has risen exponentially and since one of the principles of the EU is a free movement of labor, we want to create a place where both companies and candidates can find what they are looking for, wherever in Europe this is.


A job platform is a people business and it cannot be exclusively automated. Speedinvest Heroes has been working for years in supporting startups with their HR and recruiting processes and we built up a pre-screened talent pool of startups candidates.

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We are not searching for the perfect talents, because in our eyes there is no such thing. There are just talents whose superpowers are more suitable for some jobs than others. Diversity is the key, every hero has their own unique superpower and there is not one common thing that can make everyone a hero. By uploading your profile on our platform, your profile will be available to dozens of recruiters in the startup scene!

For Startups

We want to help you to find the best-fitting talent for your team to enhance your growth. Hiring on a classic job platform is tough, we have been there, we know what you are going through because of several years of recruiting for successful startups. Check out our offers and see what might be the best solution for you!

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