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Head of HR

Head of HR

locationMadrid, Spain
location HR & Recruiting

Company Culture/ Introduction:

What is your perception around the compensation that your company provides you? Everything you perceive as an employee is just a wire transfer once a month, an unclear payslip in your inbox and a fragmented offer of benefits that are difficult to understand or use.

At Cobee, we think that compensation is people’s most important financial relationship, and we think that is possible to provide a much more engaging experience around it. Cobee is a compensation & benefits company that is using new technologies to disrupt this big market that has been traditionally dominated by big incumbent players. In our road to our vision, we have started with benefits, providing an aggregated solution both for companies and employees to manage them (e.g. meals, transportation, insurance, gyms, pensions, etc.).

We are a company made of a young, very professional and talented workforce. We think BIG and we strongly believe in a vision where employees all over the world will jump from company to company demanding Cobee as a means to get compensated at their jobs.

There are three core principles that we all share in our way of working:

1) Employees first: we strongly believe that making employees FEEL DELIGHTED is our key to success. Not only our clients’ employees, but also our own.

2) ISpossible ambition: our offering did not exist before, we are category creators. We constantly challenge the status quo because we are a set of thinkers who think that improvement IS always POSSIBLE.

3) Owner ownership: we all know what our duties are, we work with full independence and ownership towards our goals and we know how those affect the overall company goals. We are autonomous and we care A LOT about the quality of our own work.

Do you want to join a company whose main principle is to make employees happy? :)

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a Head of HR as one of the key roles to help us scale Cobee, attracting the best talent and creating an environment in which people can excel in their job and grow as a professional.

Since the pandemic began, we have grown our team +300%, up to ~50 people, and we expect to continue doing so. In that context, we need to ensure that the new and recently hired employees raise the bar in the company, helping Cobee to professionalize, go global and increase growth.

We aim to be a top employer in the startup scene, particularly in engineering and product roles. We are looking for a Head of HR that is used to work with technical positions, understanding their needs, sources, motivations etc. so that Cobee becomes a desired employer for the technical talent.

To do so, the Head of HR should help us building a strong employer branding, streamlining recruiting processes that get top talent for the company and structuring internal policies and processes such as career plans to help all our employees grow as professionals.

Interesting, huh?? See below how to get involved in the adventure!


The candidate must have proven strong in two key competencies, technical recruiting and HR internal management.

· 5+ years of experience successfully recruiting and managing talent.

· 3+ years of experience recruiting engineering talent.

· Great networking and people skills.

· Outstanding communication skills.

· Data driven: you make or validate decisions backed by data.

· Detail-oriented.

· Process-driven: you establish efficient processes that clearly contribute to our hiring goals.

· Proven track-record of successful collaboration with Engineering.

· Be passionate about technology, gaining an understanding of the engineering values of Cobee, the stack and what we look for in our engineers and why.

· Innovative and open-minded professional with the ability to think outside the box.

· Knowledge of labor laws and regulations.

· Experience with startups or technical companies is required.

What you will be responsible for

· Outline the hiring plan, establishing the processes and tools to achieve our hiring goals.

· Manage the whole lifecycle of recruiting from sourcing to negotiation.

· Work alongside engineering to create an efficient recruiting pipeline.

· Redefine onboarding and offboarding processes, and make sure that are executed flawlessly in order to give a great experience to employees.

· Assess current internal communication and implement drivers to improve it.

· Assess cultural engagement and implement initiatives to strengthen it.

· Build initiatives to improve retention and motivation among employees.

· Help managers assess employees’ performance and productivity.

· Comply with workspace legislation.

· Implement initiatives that make employees happy in the workplace.

· Lead employer branding strategies to attract top talent.

What can you expect

· Extraordinary projection and the possibility to lead and define the human resources strategy in a key moment for the company.

· Competitive salary.

· The best benefits in town, of course! Paid flexible benefits (meals, transportation, nurseries, etc.), paid health insurance, paid training courses… and more!

· Great offices located in the center of lovely Madrid.

· Flexible remote working and schedule.

· Healthy working culture in a young and talented atmosphere.