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Design Lead

Design Lead

locationLjubljana, Slovenia
location Creative & Design

Blub Blub (speechblubs.com, readingblubs.com) is looking for an experienced designer for the position of ‘DESIGN LEAD.’ A big part of the job will not be actual design and creative work, but mentoring, coaching, and leading a group of five designers, and aligning design briefs and brand-related activities within the company.

The responsibility is significant. You will: optimise our design processes with a goal of integrated and high-quality visual communication of our brands; create ads on different channels and markets (mostly US); social media posts; UI and content design in multiple apps, e-mail, merchandise, etc. 

The ideal candidate ticks most of the following:

  • portfolio of “alive” works that show variety
  • experience with mentoring and leading other designers 
  • good communication skills and sovereign design criticism
  • understands, speaks, and writes English
  • knows the opportunities and boundaries of digital media
  • follows mobile apps trends
  • experience with mobile app design
  • understanding of video, animation, and storytelling
  • understands branding in the broadest sense, not just visual
  • aims at real impact, not just aesthetics
  • understands the role of usability testing 
  • understands that good design can be measured

On a daily basis, Blub Blub teaches kids to speak and read. We are a startup, based in Ljubljana, and include a friendly bunch of engineers, designers, animators, video editors, UX-ers, teachers, therapists, and marketing and communication experts.

For more information, please send your portfolio to [email protected].

If you know a candidate, feel free to share this message.