UX Designer

UX Designer

locationLondon, UK
location Creative & Design

UX Designer

We want to make it easy for companies to hire the construction equipment they’re looking for, whatever their needs.

As a UX Designer at YardLink, you’ll own and drive the entire design process from its earliest stages through to shipping and iterating on a feature. Alongside our product manager and engineers, you’ll ensure that every design decision we make builds value for both our business and our customers.


We are a team on a mission to build the world’s best procurement platform for the construction industry, starting in London. We’re re-imagining the supply chain for one of the largest yet least digitised sectors on the planet, to make ordering between contractors and suppliers easier, more efficient, and more cost effective.

As a team, we’re obsessed with understanding the people and companies that build the world around us. Our customers work incredibly hard to construct and maintain the homes, schools, offices and infrastructure we use every day. These projects are prone to critical delays and huge cost overruns, and we believe fixing the supply chain is a major solution.

Since our launch in 2018, we’ve served thousands of customers and projects across Greater London. We’re growing quickly and are backed by fantastic investors, including leading venture capitalists and business angels, who share our vision.

Team and Role

You will join as our first UX Designer, and work with our cross-functional tech/product team. Over time, you’ll get to work on many areas of YardLink’s product surface, solving design problems on behalf of our customers and suppliers.

Specifically, you will:

  • Design experiences that are incredibly simple and elegant while solving real customer problems and creating value for the business
  • Accompany every feature and product you work on from idea through to launch and iteration - you’ll own all stages of the design process
  • Work in close collaboration with customers to conduct customer research and testing to deeply understand customer problems, validate hypotheses and iterate
  • Help us improve as a team and company. You’ll contribute to an inclusive and positive working environment for everyone, ensure we leverage design effectively, interview potential new team members, introduce new practices, mentor others, and help us build a more customer-centric culture


What matters most to us is your expertise, mindset and what makes you, you - rather than a particular career path or background. The below is to give you a sense of what we’re generally looking for. Please do consider applying even if you feel that not all of these apply to you - if we can help you improve and grow in some of these areas, all the better!

  • Experience working as a UX Designer in an in-house B2B environment - ideally you will have worked in close collaboration with engineers and product managers and know how to bring out the best in all of them
  • Commercial pragmatism - you’ll have a keen interest in how the business works, and will be able to translate this into your own decision-making
  • Thoughtful approach to design - your decisions will be based around a deep understanding of the problem to solve
  • A flexible way of working and a broad toolkit - you’ll be autonomous and able to adjust your process to suit the project
  • Great listening and communication skills - you’ll be able to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely to colleagues at all levels of the business