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User Acquisition Apprentice / Junior

User Acquisition Apprentice / Junior

locationLjubljana, Slovenia
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Blub Blub Inc. with Speech Blubs and Reading Blubs apps helps parents uncover their child’s true potential by helping them to speak and read sooner, better and increase their vocabulary faster. Why? Because it has been scientifically proven that early speech development & early literacy influence later success in life! And that’s our mission – help every child out there reach for the stars.🚀

Launched in 2017 and fast forward to today, the app has more than 3 million downloads.

Clearly we’re a young and fast-growing company that started in the speech and language development niche and will become a top-tier player in the children’s digital education app market by 2022.

Due to fast pace and constant growth we’re always on the lookout for new talents. 

At the moment we are looking for an online User Acquisition Manager. You can have some experience, you can be a pro, or you can just simply have the desire to become one and currently have no knowledge of the field at all. 

But there are few things you must possess – an amazing amount of positive energy, creative, analytical and critical thinking, ingenuity and open-mindedness.

Can you connect with that? Then keep on reading for more details or send us an email immediately. 😉

 Skills / Personal Traits we’re looking for:

  • Good communication skills 
  • Positive and proactive attitude
  • Problem solving mindset and google is your friend mindset
  • Learning, attention to details, out of the box thinking and creative mindset 
  • Some data analysis experience using Excel or similar tools
  • What can help with being selected, but is in no way a requirement? Owning Etsy, Amazon or any similar shops, have done some dropshipping, attended online courses, managed any kind of campaigns so far, etc.

Tasks you’ll be managing:

  • Plan, execute and analyze user acquisition campaigns across channels
  • Analyze the performance and measure ROI of all marketing activities
  • Communicate achievements, plans and goals
  • Collaborate with other team members and teams to implement and develop digital advertising campaigns

And what we offer:

  • Work with a young and fast-growing team.
  • Employment with a three-month trial period.
  • Salary ranging from $1.200 to $2.000 depending on experience level
  • Diverse work with exciting daily tasks inside a very relaxed working environment
  • Personal and professional development
  • Participation in attractive projects with bonus pay opportunities