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Technical Product Manager

Technical Product Manager

locationKreisfreie Stadt Berlin, Berlin, Germany
location Product Manager

Technical Product Manager

Job description

We’re looking for fintech enthusiasts to join us in creating the financial infrastructure of tomorrow. We’re building the first European Investment API to enable any financial institution to offer a broad range of investment products in their apps. Our view is backed by Europe's largest tech VCs (Earlybird, Notion Capital, ABN Ventures, Partech, HV Capital) and by renowned fintech entrepreneurs (including Maximilian Tayenthal, founder of N26, and Felix Haas, founder of IDnow).

Our vision is to create a world in which any asset can be owned and traded digitally by anyone, anywhere, and we're looking for ambitious pioneers to join us in this journey. Today, we count 30+ talented people from 15 different countries. We’re based in Berlin, Germany.

Your mission:

As the Technical Product Manager - Platform, you’ll join our Platform team (together with Platform Tech Lead Martin, Ryan, Sergei and Rokas). You’ll play a critical role in helping define the roadmap for our Platform Engineering together with your counterpart, the Platform Tech Lead and collaborating with your stakeholders (CTO, Product Engineering Team Leads, etc.). Platform team’s objectives include creating a robust, secure and resilient infrastructure for our Product Engineering teams to build products on. Our principles include customer always first (in this case Product Engineering teams), infrastructure-as-code, security first, zero trust and least privilege principles but most importantly the Platform team’s job is to enable and empower Product teams to deliver Products on the Platform in a more productive way. Platform team does this by mapping out Product teams requirements, formulating roadmaps and plans on what kind of tooling and automation needs to be in place and executing on those plans. The Technical Product Manager - Platform owns the roadmap and the backlog for the Platform team and the Tech Lead - Platform owns the design and implementation of those plans.

A greenfield project. Cutting edge technologies. No legacy code.

This role will give you the opportunity to:

  • Help build a world class highly available Cloud Native financial platform with modern technologies

  • Help define and own the roadmap and vision for Platform Engineering at Upvest

  • Collaborate with your stakeholders and Tech Lead counterparts to enable and empower Product Engineering teams to deliver at pace on the Platform.

  • Gain valuable experience in a high-security and high-stakes fintech environment

  • Drive DevOps mindset and collaboration within all Product Engineering teams

  • Proactively test the flexibility and resilience of the system (and keep improving our monitoring & observability)

  • Establish communication and documentation best practices throughout the entire Platform

  • Provide operational support and engineering for multiple large distributed software applications

  • Gather and analyze system metrics to assist in improving performance and finding faults


  • Comes from a DevOps background but already has experience leading teams for a few years.

  • Roadmap planning, Backlog management, prioritization and stakeholder management skills

  • Prior experience with Kubernetes, Docker, Vault and Terraform

  • Prior experience with Cloud computing (ideally with GCP)

  • Deep knowledge of modern monitoring and observability

  • Knowledge of operating Kafka in high availability environments

  • Pragmatism

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of our modern tech-stack (Go, Docker, K8S, Postgres, Redis, Kafka), SRE, service meshes, API gateways, and observability

  • Experience working in the fintech domain

Why Upvest?

  • We're working on solving a hard problem: fixing the European securities financial infrastructure that empowers more people to be able to invest. You have the opportunity to contribute to this change.

  • We invest in you. From access to a personal coach, development budget and plenty of opportunities to grow in your role.

  • We take hiring seriously with a strong focus on keeping a high bar when interviewing (equally important is that we also hire decent people who are passionate about their craft and helping us achieve our shared mission).

  • While we're not quite fully-remote, we are committed to being a flexible employer as we understand you don't have to be in the office to do your best work.

  • We live a culture of empowerment, trust (that we hire the best people and get out of their way) and openness (there's a greater advantage in sharing information than keeping it to ourselves).

  • We ensure we take time to have fun as a team. We're looking forward to having more time in-person again once this becomes possible again.

Our values:

  • Think Fearlessly, Act Fast: We embrace the accelerated pace and ambiguity of building a business on the frontier. We take risks and look forward.

  • Be Street Smart: We are always tuned in to what is going on. With ourselves, our team, our users and the market.

  • Step Up, Stand Together: Every individual is prepared to speak up for what they believe in and stand together as a team to deliver the result, even when the going gets tough.

  • Low Egos, High Expectations: Although we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have hunger and humility in equal measure.