Tech Lead (f/m/d)

Tech Lead (f/m/d)

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PublishedPublished: 26.9.2022
Full time

Veople is one of our latest products developed at the Factory and now we need a Tech lead to build this business. 

🤑 So what is Veople ?

Today the connection between fans and their favourite characters or entertainment brands is owned and controlled by giant corporations. The entertainment business is a closed shop. The IPs are all pre-existing, and the fans are kept on the outside. New creators are forced to sell their soul to break in. 

Emerging technologies could change all that, but right now it seems like virtual beings and NFTs are being used as an opportunity for more corporate owned IP and for fans to be exploited.  They are missing the point!

👀 The Vision

Veople is a platform that will democratise the creation of virtual beings and content, and share the value of success with the audience. To do this we will start by launching our own IPs and gradually open it up to all.

🧑‍💻The Role

We are looking for a developer that can help us build a simple app-based ‘studio’ platform that will allow anyone to broadcast themselves as a virtual being using their camera enabled devices. The application needs to be written from scratch and I am looking for proposals from candidates about the best approach. We also need your support on technical solutions around generating and minting the character assets that will be the stars of this platform!

💪You will be responsible for prioritising the three areas of focus below: 

We will launch a set of 5,000 virtual beings as NFTs based on procedurally generated permutations of a single character.  We will launch the tool that will be used to ‘broadcast’ as this character and build a simple community around them.

The goal is to use third party tools and applications as much as possible. For example we think the community aspect could be fulfilled using Discord versus anything more bespoke.

There are 3 components that need building/exploring.

1. Developing and building the Studio Platform

What we want to do:

We want to build an easy-to-use native application that will eventually be rolled out on all mobile and desktop devices, however iOS is the focus for the MVP. Using this tool users will be able to add their virtual being (purchased / issued as an NFT) and use their phone/webcam to puppeteer the character in a simple virtual environment. The platform should also have simple features that will allow them to export video or to initiate a call/chat with a friend using their character.

What we need from you:

To lead the development and build of this project, finding and recommending the best third party tools, realising the UX vision in an elegant solution that works brilliantly. To think about all of the technical challenges of the build end to end for the MVP and subsequent updates.


What we want to do:

We want a way to procedurally generate a large number of versions of one character. That character should exist as a still image (like the most common NFTs) as well as a file that can be uploaded onto the Studio Platform mentioned above (our USP)

What we need from you:

Research and explore options, make recommendations, scope the best solution, and help execute/ bring in specialists where required.

Reference: Bored Ape or Meebits (by Crypopunks)


What we want to do:

We want each of the virtual being variations to be minted as an NFT to be claimed / made available for sale. There is a growing ecosystem of services that we must make choices around.  There are also likely to be some specific   challenges we will need to overcome and bespoke requirements we need solutions for e.g. The minting process, gas fees, use of smart contracts etc.

What we need from you:

To actively support the process to research and explore options, make recommendations, scope the best solution, and help execute and/or bring in specialists where required.

🎯 As our Tech Lead you will:

    • Have previous experience developing native applications
    • Have previous experience in character  / virtual experience design tools such as Unreal and/or Unity 
    • Experience with the creation of AR filters / video effects and other camera based applications
    • Have a keen Interest or experience in applying blockchain technologies such as NFTs
    • Help represent technical opportunities and constraints with the founders
    • Have a high degree of user empathy and actively seeks to test, learn and iterate based on user feedback
    • Be well-connected to the developer community and able to attract the right engineering team post-fundraise 
    • Have a proven track record of taking ideas and bringing them to life
    • Knowledge of a range of current cross-platform product development frameworks
    • Appetite for experimenting with new technologies and tools to drive innovation and creativity

🎯🎯 Our Tech Stack

    • We are building the studio app from scratch so invite your proposal for the best solution.
    • Familiarity with AR technologies such as Apple ARKit 4, Google ARCore, etc.
    • Lots of experience integrating APIs and using ML tools.
    • Great design intuition and user empathy.
    • Passion for UI fluidity and performance.
    • Ability to readily learn most technologies on-the-go.
    • Ability to thrive in an ambiguous environment with a high degree of autonomy.

We are committed to building a diverse culture and are eager to receive applications from all backgrounds. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination.

Years of experience

  • Junior