Senior Product Manager - Wayflyer Insights

Senior Product Manager - Wayflyer Insights

locationDublin, Ireland
location Product Manager

We're looking for a Senior Product Manager to lead our Wayflyer Insights product line.

Wayflyer's vision is to create an Insights product that enables eCommerce founders take the pulse of their business, and drive the key actions that will accelerate their growth. We are part of the modern eCommerce DNA, providing founders with unbiased analysis and actionable business recommendations with the funding to back their ambition.

As an exceptional Product Manager, you will lead these efforts in a cross-functional team that is singularly focused on growing eCommerce businesses.

You already have significant experience and a deep understanding and empathy for customers and their needs. You have used that understanding to develop engaging and valuable features that help customers achieve their goals. When founders wake up and their first thought is to check Wayflyer, you have delivered what they need.

Principal duties and responsibilities:

    • Create the vision and own the roadmap for Wayflyer Insights.
    • Deeply understand the needs of our customers, through research and regular interaction and testing with customers.
    • Create engaging experiences and deliver insights that help founders understand what is most important for accelerated growth.Clearly communicate that vision and work with your analytics, design and engineering teammates to deliver features.
    • Prioritise ruthlessly, based on achieving the best customer outcomes across our rapidly growing portfolio of customers.
    • Provide critical feedback on product proposals, designs and technical solutions to improve the substantially.
    • Ensure the new features meet the high standards our customers demand.
    • Foster an environment that enables the team to learn what customers value quickly.Advocate for Insights within the company and ensure the impact and potential of the Insights product is well understood by customers and within Wayflyer.

The Ideal candidate will have:

    • An exceptional Product Management background, with a history of single handedly delivering incredible user experiences.
    • Have worked in a similar role in a product function ideally developing and communicating insights to end customers.
    • Prior experience in any of the following in a technology business: eCommerce, Financial Technology, Commercial Lending or Payments would be useful.
    • A passion for Product Management evidenced by relevant graduate/postgraduate qualifications

The ideal candidate will be:

    • An exceptional communicator. You are clear, confident, persuasive and empathetic – with both clients and colleaguesA deep thinker.
    • You can distill the most complex problems into concepts that our Customers and teammates easily understand.
    • An attitude to do whatever it takes to make your product and team successful whether that means writing a QA plan or hunting down the root cause of a user’s frustration.
    • Comfortable in a data-driven business environment and able to adjust readily based on data
    • Seasoned in managing timelines, delivery, dependencies, communication across teams
    • Be extremely detail-oriented and thorough when analysing problems.
    • Enthusiastic team player who likes a supportive high energy, high-performance environment, with substantial freedom to enable performance.