Senior Kubernetes Engineer

Senior Kubernetes Engineer

locationKiel, Germany
location Software Development

We want to run Gitpod workspaces in self-managed Kubernetes clusters to benefit from the latest and greatest advancements from the open source community. We want your help to create, automate and operate such clusters.

We are a highly-motivated, fully-remote team, organized in a flat hierarchy, and led by technical founders. We love open-source, have started and lead many popular open-source projects, and contribute to many others.

We celebrate diversity and strive for an equal, inclusive, empathetic and welcoming environment. Bringing diversity to the team is a big plus. If you are part of a marginalised community, and are not sure if you should apply, please get in touch.

As part of the team you will ...

  • Create Kubernetes Clusters. You will use the latest and greatest Linux kernels, containerd and K8s versions. You will automate the process of creating the cluster and ensure that it is perfectly suited to run Gitpod`s dev environments. The clusters will run on a public cloud.
  • Help Gitpod being a good K8s app. You know the best practices for running an app in Kubernetes and you will help to implement these best practices in Gitpod or help the team to follow the best practices. Resilience during incidents and deployment as well as security are of particular interest.
  • Co-own the product and work self-directed. We work with a very flat hierarchy, organizing our tasks in iterations with a lot of freedom.
  • Work with the community and in the open. Our DNA is deeply rooted in open source and we are building Gitpod in public. We expect the same from you.

You will be a great fit if ...

  • You share our values. We are developer-led and aim for a frictionless experience when interacting with our product, our company and our brand: no hurdles, no BS, no unnecessary extra steps. We are open minded, inclusive, transparent and curious. We always remain students of the game, not masters of the game. We have opinions, but are not opinionated. We integrate, don't dictate.
  • You care for our mission. Developers architect our future. Gitpod democratises software development by making it more accessible to all developers. Ready-to-code, cloud-based development environments streamline how software is written today.
  • You embrace Open Source. You follow relevant open-source projects, maybe you contributed, maybe you know the maintainers. Gitpod itself is open-source and built on open-source projects, such as Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Grafana, Prometheus and many more. Knowledge about such projects will help you work on Gitpod and knowledge about Open Source will help you make Gitpod a better Open Source project.
  • You are pragmatic. You understand that doing the right thing gives you momentum while doing a thing perfectly can cost a lot of time.
  • You are a curious deep diver. You know that humans and documentation often do not have an answer. That is when you dive. You read code, issues, explore metrics, traces, logs or conduct experiments. When you surface, you know the answer and the team will love you.
  • You are a good communicator. We work remote, our users are remote too. You value writing and express yourself concisely. You may hold strong opinions, but you are not ideological. You communicate thoughtfully, always assume others speak in good faith, aim to understand opposing perspectives and compromise when needed.

Our stack:

  • Gitpod is an open source Kubernetes application. Services are written in Go and TypeScript (Node.JS), while all things frontend are React and TypeScript. We communicate using gRPC, RabbitMQ and JSON-RPC. We develop Gitpod in Gitpod, build using leeway and werft and automatically deploy preview environments for every branch.
  • Browser-based productivity tools for the rest. Gitpod for development, GitHub for issue tracking and as git hoster, Slack for comms, Figma for design, Notion as our virtual HQ, Pitch for slides, Loom for screencasts and a few others.
  • We run gitpod.io on Google Cloud Platform. There we use GKE, Buckets, BigQuery and more. We may expand to other cloud providers. We make Gitpod self-hosted available for vanilla Kubernetes, AWS, and more platforms in the future.
  • We describe infrastructure using Helm and Terraform. We maintain a single helm chart to install Gitpod on Kubernetes. To create the cluster and other infrastructure around it, we use Terraform scripts.

We care about you

  • Work and life
  • 6 weeks paid time off
  • Fully-remote environment & flexible working hours
  • Competitive salary and equity package
  • Monthly physical health stipend for your local gym, home-gym equipment or Freeletics
  • Monthly mental health stipend to support your ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ
  • Blinkist, The Atlantic account and other educational budget
  • Premium work-from-home equipment (Macbook Pro, standing desk, monitor, webcam, mic)