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Senior Frontend Developer

Senior Frontend Developer

locationKreisfreie Stadt Berlin, Berlin, Germany
location Frontend Developer

We are looking for a Senior Frontend (d/f/m) Engineer specialising in CSS, HTML and TypeScript to join doctorly on our mission to enable people to live healthier lives.

Amidst and as a result of the global pandemic, the world is coming to see just how outdated our health IT infrastructure really is. Have a closer look at the software your doctor currently uses and you’ll understand why this is a burning topic in need of innovation.

doctorly - backed by the best early stage investors in Europe - takes a holistic view of the market and our products, with a firm focus on enabling genuinely meaningful disruption at the very heart of how healthcare works.

We are building (in priority order):

  1. A brand-new system for managing medical clinics (digitalise and optimise workflows, helping doctors & their staff).
  2. An integrated health app for patients (connect/help the patients).
  3. An open partner platform (include/help the wider healthcare industry).

This is a great opportunity for a highly experienced Software Engineer to take a prominent role within our product development team and help us meaningfully change how healthcare works.

You'll contribute to the development and styling of a sophisticated cross platform application that blends native and web technologies. Your focus and responsibilities will lie mostly in the view layer (layout, styling, animation), this will include interaction UX design and business logic.

As an integral member of one of our cross functional teams, you'll be familiar with agile ways of working (esp. scrum) and DevOps. You're an experienced engineer and understand the fundamentals of clean code, design principles and common tools around development, testing, and CI/CD including Git, Docker, etc.

We're an international team, so fluent English is a must, German would be a bonus but is not essential to the role.


  • Build excellent highly usable, secure, fast, beautiful, well tested and technically awesome frontends to delight our users
  • Work closely with our product owners and UX-Designers as well as other developers, DevOps, QA in our cross functional teams
  • Strive to understand the requirements, the domain and the big picture and help to refine specifications as part of the team
  • Plan, estimate and review stories and code with the team - being a team player is part of who we are and who we want to work with
  • Teach and mentor your teammates in the art of the frontend


  • Deep expert level experience with fundamental web technologies - HTML/CSS/JS
  • Able to build frontends that are performant, resilient, secure and have an ability to put together mock-ups or prototypes with ease
  • Significant experience with styling frameworks, CSS dialects, and CSS tooling (e.g. SASS, PostCSS, Tachyons/TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, Foundation etc.)
  • We'll expect someone with your level of experience to be deeply familiar with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/TypeScript, OpenAPI, Material Design, JSON, XML
  • Significant experience with web tooling (e.g. Webpack, NPM, Babel, etc)
  • Webapp development experience with React/VueJS/AngularJS or another equivalent stateful technology
  • Excellent visual, verbal, written and presentation skills
  • German working permit or valid job seeking visa


  • Knowledge of C#, ASP.NET, Blazor, MVC, Razor Pages
  • If you've worked in regulated industry or healthcare etc, this will be a plus.
  • Do you have relevant work experience or a degree or diploma or certification in a related field - let us know.
  • Knowledge of FHIR & HL7 is advantageous
  • Experience with dynamic graphics using Canvas and/or SVG-based technologies
  • A good understanding of backend concepts and general software principles such as domain driven and API first design.
  • Ideally be available in our Berlin office for 2+ days per week