Senior DevOps Engineer (m/f/d)

Senior DevOps Engineer (m/f/d)

locationMunich, Germany
location Software Development

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Permanent employee, Full-time · Munich
The role

As a Senior DevOps Engineer (m/f/d) you will master development infrastructure and IT. In this role, you contribute to creating the environment to deploy continuous integration processes and test automation processes. As an integral part of our Tech department, you will be working with our software engineers, architects, product managers and test engineers to satisfy their requirements for the software development infrastructure, software integration infrastructure and deployment.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain DevOps culture, practice and tools.
  • Create and monitor build services for reliable, frequent, isolated and reproducible software builds.
  • Ensure reliable deployment and archiving of software build artifacts.
  • Work with test engineers and developers to allow deployment and execution of automated tests as part of the CI chain.
  • Establish, maintain and support the entire development cycle: Coding, Building, Testing, Packaging, Releasing, Configuring and Monitoring
  • Help us scale up in growing codebase and complexity for builds and tests and a growing number of developers
About you

Hard Skills

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in any STEM field.
  •  5+ years of experience in software engineering
  •  2+ years of experience working on IT infrastructure
  •  Experience with container technology (docker, kubernetes)
  •  Experience with CI pipeline technology (Jenkins Pipelines, Github Actions, or others)
  •  Experience with scripting and orchestration 
  •  Experience with Iaas, PaaS cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Good proficiency in any suitable scripting programming language or shell language (python, perl, bash, javascript, etc.)
  • Good knowledge of any Linux operating system.
  • Experience with code databases, review tools and versioning systems.

Soft skills

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. 
  •  Fluent English or German in writing and speaking.
  •  A hands-on mentality, an analytical mindset and a proven track record of problem-solving 
  • A strong sense of urgency to maintain service reliability and availability at the highest level.

Nice to have

  • Experience in automotive software testing. 
  • Experience in any hard IT infrastructure topic (storage, networking, orchestration)
  •  C/C++  
About us

Fernride offers Logistics customers the end to end integration of driverless vehicles into their processes. Building on 10 years of research, Fernride is developing the leading teleoperation platform which allows humans to safely remote monitor, assist and control vehicles from afar. Thus, Fernride is redefining the job of the driver who will evolve from a 1:1 remote operator to a highly effective fleet manager who assists up to 50 highly automated vehicles from the comfort of an office. Partnering with leading OEMs, Fernride enables the remote operation and full automation of driverless fleets - swap body or trailer trucks, forklifts, shuttles, or other vehicles.

Company Values   

  • Be ambitious: We set ambitious goals that challenge the status-quo and push us of our comfort-zone. We have a shared passion for building extraordinary products. 

  • Take ownership: We actively take ownership of our tasks, products and teams. By being accountable, we know we can fully rely on each other. 

  • Get things done: We get things done without getting hung up on unnecessary details. We know that the simple solution always wins over the complex one. 

  • Be data-driven: We decide based on reliable data, enabling precision and maximum impact. 

  • Strive for improvement: We continuously grow personally and professionally. Our open-minded mentality and love for learning allows us to reflect and progress on a daily basis. 

Equality and Diversity at FERNRIDE
FERNRIDE is built on people and their differences give us strength. We want to provide equal opportunities to people from all walks of life. Join our journey of continuous learning and rapid growth. Help us celebrate equality and diversity! 

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