Rust Expert - Senior Software Engineer

Rust Expert - Senior Software Engineer

locationSan Francisco, CA, USA
location Software Development | DevOps Developer

About Wasmer


At Wasmer we are working on the software that will power the next generation of Cloud Computing platforms using WebAssembly. Similarly to Node.js, we are moving WebAssembly to the server-side but completely emancipated from JavaScript.

Read more about us here: https://medium.com/wasmer

About the role

Skills: Git, Rust, Bash/Shell

Immediate opening for a Rust developer to join as a founding member of the Wasmer engineering team!

About You

You're a senior software engineer with Rust expertise interested in joining a fast-moving early-stage startup. Teamwork and collaboration are a part of your core values, and you thrive in a small, tight-knit engineering team.

You have:

  • The ability to write high-quality code in Rust
  • Expertise with POSIX, sockets, and memory management.
  • Experience maintaining continuous integration and testing for rapid iteration.
  • A strong track record of launching projects with significant complexity and high levels of ambiguity.
  • A strong sense of self-motivation and love working with a high level of ownership and responsibility.

About The Role

As a founding engineer, you'll have the freedom to design, architect, and build our WebAssembly virtual machine and integration packages.

You will:

  • Take complete ownership of the software development lifecycle.
  • Work with the team to craft sustainable and scalable engineering practices.
  • Architect, implement and maintain the core infrastructure used by our engineering team.
  • Debug complex production issues across the whole stack.
  • Work with, respond to, and contribute to our open-source community and customers.

Why Join Us?

  • We are an open-source company dedicated to our ecosystem
  • Our team is excellent and includes world-class engineers with deep expertise, including operating systems, compilers, and security.
  • 2021 will be the year for WebAssembly. We are the best position company in the market.

Our Process

Our engineering team works in two-week sprint cycles. At the beginning of each sprint, we collectively agree on priorities based on community and customer feedback and our corporate product strategy. We end each sprint with a demonstration of our accomplishments.

Benefits and Perks

Health Insurance

A+ Health coverage (U.S. employees)


Unlimited vacation for U.S. based employees

20-25 vacation days for Europe based employees


$100/month fitness membership (U.S. / Europe employees)

Flexible Hours

Most of our engineers work from 9:30 AM until 6 PM, but there are no hard rules about this. We care about productivity and outcomes, not hours.


Your continued growth and interests are important to us, and we encourage engineers to attend conferences to learn and connect with members of the community.

Open-source Contributions

We offer a $50 stipend monthly for contributions to Open-Source projects.


Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Wasmer Inc. is the company behind the popular open-source WebAssembly runtime Wasmer. In addition to the Wasmer runtime, the company has made significant investments in WAPM, the WebAssembly Package Manager, and many other open-source projects in the WebAssembly ecosystem.

Our mission is to make software universally available. We are committed to the open-source community and strive to contribute to developers and companies worldwide to help make Wasmer and WebAssembly a universal standard.


For our runtime our stack is based mainly on Rust, WebAssembly and LLVM. However, if you have experience with low-level systems languages (such as C, C++, Zig, ...) you will fit on the role perfectly.