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MLOPS apprenticeship contract

MLOPS apprenticeship contract

locationParis, France
PublishedPublished: 19.3.2021

DevOps for ML systems, guaranteeing continuous business impact (At least 12 months contract)

The Company

Founded in March 2018, MyDataModels offers TADA, a predictive analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence. Powerful and easy to use providing fully interpretable models, TADA helps every professional to deeply analyze their data and make more informed decisions. As such, MyDataModels technology is the preferred solution for healthcare, research, industry and embedded systems. MyDataModels is based in France and employs 30 people.

The Context

A growing number of companies are entering the early stages of Machine Learning (ML) development, but challenges in deployment, monitoring and scaling,  still hinder teams from extracting value from their ML investments. 

Addressing such issues  implies having a deployed ML lifecycle, a new field collectively referred to as Machine Learning Operationalization, or just MLOps. 

Practicing MLOps is advocating automation & monitoring at all steps of ML system construction.

You will be part of a team whose mission is to develop software components together with related tools,  unlocking vertically focused firms to effectively  build and operate integrated ML system applications that guarantee continuous business impact. 

The environments  into which ML models are to be operated will be various, from web hosted applications to edge computing gateways down-to possibly constrained IoT sensors. 

The Position

The MLOPs solutions Business Unit (BU) is seeking a developer willing to apply DevOps mindset and methodologies to ML Systems. 

You will influence the development of our MLOPs Open Source Software (OSS) platform, by researching – defining and contributing to software components such as  deployment, inference, monitoring, updating/ retraining.

Following an onboarding on our core mathematical modeling engine,  your mission is going to be very practical as we develop and deliver our offer  to existing and new clients; 

Your work will be to :

  • Research OSSs and Closed Source commercial MLOPs platforms; 
  • Spot features and user experience gaps in such platforms; 
  • Identify components you can adapt for MyDataModels’ MLOPs offering;
  • Contribute to MLOPs roadmap and user stories definition;
  • Develop, debug and ship software components, whether be they for our internal MLOPs offer or for our customers;
  • Deliver superior online documentation, for any developer willing to integrate your code into her/his final application;
  • Participate in defining MyDataModels  MLOPs Systems infrastructure;

Such a role is quite broad,  but rest assured:

First off, you will be surrounded by high calibre and benevolent staff.

Secondly, while we think very big,  you and we will start small and go through incremental steps, culminating with a complete automated MLOPs pipeline.

This is a unique opportunity for you to immerse yourself into a ML front runner startup, and make both a technology and business impact.

The Candidate

You are a student from an engineering school or university, with a specialization in software development, demonstrating a strong appetite for both DevOps applied to ML and superior customer service delivery.

The duration of the apprenticeship contract is at least 12 months, ideally starting first quarter 2021.

You will join the team in our facilities in Sophia Antipolis or remotely according to the evolution of the sanitary crisis . We offer a very good package.


  • Good knowledge of micro services architectures;
  • Familiar with Kubernetes & Docker;
  • Superior documentation skills;
  • Customer laser focused mentality;
  • Excellent communication skills – with a collaboration first, ego last attitude;
  • A good and confident English language paractionner, both written and spoken,  as our customers are to be globally scattered.

Bonus points if 

  • Familiar with fullstack modern Web development frameworks
  • Good practice of versioning & management tools (Git / GitLab);
  • Experience (deployment and support) with SaaS applications;
  • Knowledge or at least a strong interest in Automated Machine Learning.
  • Willing to contribute to the relevant OSS communities eg possibly speak and/or host MLOPs related events to show off your and MyDataModels’ work.

To apply to this position, please send an email including your resume and your cover letter to [email protected]