ML Engineer

ML Engineer

locationKyiv, Ukraine, 02000
location Software Development

ML Engineer responsibilities include both sides of the engineering and data science role. You will help our team train and deploy ML models from one side and maintain/optimize/speedup models in production from another side. You should have a strong problem-solving ability and a knack for statistical analysis.


Essential position responsibilities:

  • Design and implement data pipelines that running with ML models in production;
  • Maintain and optimize Python codebase for Data Science and Analytics stack;
  • Be responsible for continuous and stable model operation in production with appropriate precision and recall;
  • Engineering work in feature generation, code cleaning, preparation;
  • Participate in code reviews;
  • Monitor models performance and metrics;
  • Implement integration and unit tests;
  • Train ML models for different fraud types.

Required skills:

  • Engineering background and great experience in Python and SQL;
  • Click house, Docker, Kubernetes experience;
  • Understanding of Unity basics;
  • Solid experience with high-loaded and low-latency systems (e.g. Spark, Storm, Kafka);
  • Analytical thinking and exploratory state of mind. Strong research skills;
  • Deep understanding of the Machine Learning concepts and algorithms;
  • Ability to process and analyze huge data volumes, ability to create and check hypothesis including data visualization;
  • Degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics or similar field;
  • Empathy and good communication abilities.

Would be a big plus:

  • Knowledge of C#, Scala, or Go;
  • Experience with deployment on the cloud;
  • Experience with large-scale machine learning (100GB+ datasets);
  • Experience developing and optimizing real-time software for high-loaded systems.