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locationSofia, Bulgaria
location Marketing & Communications

Our mission at DRONAMICS is to democratize airfreight and lower the cost of shipping in emerging markets. To achieve this, we are developing a new type of cargo airplane, one that is small, unmanned and extremely fuel efficient. It can transport 350 KG over 2,500 KM for a cost that's at least 50% lower than other airplanes. It flies autonomously, can be monitored and managed remotely via satellite, and the whole system costs less than a sports car. This is the kind of technology that can transform whole economies.

At first, it didn't sound possible, but we keep proving it is, which is why we've called it “The Black Swan”. It can land on short and unpaved runways, enabling on-demand point-to-point flights and speedy same-day delivery even to the most remote locations that would otherwise take days to reach over ground or sea.

We are starting with domestic air networks in Europe, Australia and Canada with fleets of the Black Swan, taking advantage of the multitude of small airfields that are often unused, training local personnel as drone and logistics operators, and partnering with local industry to provide a valuable lifeline of getting goods in and out of small, remote, mountainous and/or island communities within hours at a cost that is often below even that of road transportation.

We believe that same-day shipping should be a human right, and our goal is to enable same-day deliveries for every single person on the planet at a cost that everyone everywhere can afford.

The Marketing & Communications Manager is a talented storyteller. Expert on what's new and now. Adept at developing cost-effective ways of promoting products and services. They know how to develop marketing strategies that will attract customers. They don't just take ownership of business intelligence; they take it to the next level to develop and enhance a brand. The Marketing & Communications Manager at DRONAMICS creates, implements, and oversees communications programs that effectively describe and promote the organization and its products. They will be responsible for all marketing and external communications such as monthly newsletters, press announcements, arranging interviews, arranging participation in upcoming events, social media posts, website management, blog posts etc. Sustainability is an important part of our proposition, so it’s important you’re fluent on the issues and can develop communications that reflect this.



  • Plan and implement direct marketing approaches including targeting, personalization of messages and measurability; data analysis, customer profiling and segmentation

  • Develop and deliver creative marketing and communication strategies, plans and approaches to help market and position DRONAMICS to attract partners and win funds

  • Develop a web strategy and improve SEO of Dronamics.com and its subpages

  • Lead effective marketing campaigns

  • In charge of both traditional and digital marketing communications processes

  • Lead projects relating to search engine optimization, website updates, social media and email automation.

  • Creating and implementing plans to increase market share

  • Coordinating with and managing agency partners

  • Responsible for maintaining DRONAMICS branding and brand identity

  • Creating marketing presentations for stakeholders

  • Supporting internal communication across the business

  • Create reports and reporting tools to analyze traffic data



  • Have an excellent understanding of how to use marketing tools and techniques to increase the visibility, profile and reputation of an organization

  • At least 3 years of experience in a Marketing & Communications related position

  • A strategic and creative thinker with proven experience of working on diverse and wide-ranging communication strategies including all forms of media

  • Experience of measuring the impact of communications products and changing strategies as a result of the findings

  • Ability to develop creative ideas and transform them into practical reality

  • A good understanding of sustainability and internal communication

  • Experience of working in international development

  • Excellent project management, commercial acumen, business case building and influencing to C-level skills

  • Basic Knowledge of graphic design software (Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator)

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and an ability to communicate clearly with a range of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures

  • Strong attention to detail, and excellent time management skills

  • A commitment to team-work and working in a collegiate manner

  • Enthusiastic, diplomatic and calm under pressure

  • Management and leadership skills

  • Self-organized person with good time management skills

  • Positive attitude and attention to details

  • Fluency in English (another language will be a bonus)



  • A competitive compensation package for a Series A company

  • Lots of opportunities for personal and professional growth on a global level

  • Tons of work, zero office politics - we are here to impact the lives of millions of people around the world

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to frame the future of how the world moves goods

  • This role will involve travelling for work events and meetings

If you’re interested, please apply by sending us your CV and Cover Letter. We are always looking for people who want to grow our business and nurture our culture and we’d love to hear more about you in your cover letter. Rather than ask you for the same old standard letter, we are very interested in the following things:

  • What excites you about our business opportunity?

  • Why are you our number one pick for this role?

  • What about you makes you ideally suited to a startup environment?

  • What is your understanding of an inclusive work culture?

We are looking forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance for considering a career at Dronamics. We’ll be in touch to arrange an interview if we think that there is a potential fit, but if you don’t hear from us, please contact us again if you see us post other opportunities that interest you in the future.