Machine Learning Researcher

Machine Learning Researcher

locationLondon, UK
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Location: London / flexible

Pimloc is recruiting for ML developers and researchers to support delivery of the current product roadmap and to help define future capabilities. These roles include a mixture of research, development and deployment activities; covering state-of-the-art machine learning models for real-time object detection, advanced segmentation / tracking and development of GANs for the purpose of video privacy.

These roles report to the CTO and will be a critical area of future IP development and capability generation to underpin Pimloc’s future business growth.


  • Design and implement computer vision models for the purpose of real-time object detection, segmentation and tracking.

  • Stay up to date with latest research and quickly prototype new developments into models.

  • Input into the direction of the business and future product road maps.

Required Skills

  • Masters or PhD in relevant field.

  • Good theoretical grounding in machine learning concepts and algorithms.

  • Experience with a range of ML algorithms, e.g. SVMs, deep neural networks, regression, Bayesian methods.

  • Experience of deep learning research.

  • Experience researching/developing one of object detection, image classification, GANs.

  • Experience with Python.

  • Experience with deep learning frameworks, preferably PyTorch.

  • Experience with software engineering practices.

  • Experience re-implementing and adapting published state of the art models.

  • A passion for machine learning, you actively stay up to date with latest research.

Desired Skills

  • Publication record in computer vision conferences.

  • Software development skills in C/C++, javascript.

  • Experience with large scale processing systems.

  • Experience developing real-time algorithms.