Head of ASIC Development

company3Brain AG
locationFreienbach, Switzerland
PublishedPublished: 15.9.2022
Full time

<p><strong>The Company</strong></p>
<p>3Brain AG is a Swiss deep tech company working on cell-electronic interfaces that link biological networks to computers via custom-made semiconductor microchips. Our mission is to empower life scientists to probe intelligent networks, accelerate biomedical discoveries for the benefit of patients, and create a future more exciting than the present. Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of engineering for life’s complexities. We are ambitious, fast-growing and love to explore. The company is headquartered in Switzerland nearby Zurich, has a R&D office in Genova, Italy, and has installed its cutting-edge products in laboratories and pharma companies worldwide.</p>
<p><strong>Job description</strong></p>
<p>For the next expansion step, 3Brain is looking for a Head of mixed-signal ASIC Development to reinforce our R&D team. The candidate will lead a group of ASIC design engineers and help plan and design the future CMOS-sensor products of 3Brain. This senior-level position entails supervisory responsibilities and also requires extensive hands-on design. </p>
<p><strong>Main responsibilities:</strong></p>
<li>Lead the design team from the definition of architecture, design, implementation (schematics, simulation, layout), performance modelling and validation. Outstanding leadership in a fast-paced environment.</li>
<li>Development of next generation of CMOS-biosensors.</li>
<li>Document design methods, specifications and functional requirements.</li>
<li>Create detailed test specifications and reports.</li>
<li>Maintain up-to-date knowledge of relevant literature and state-of-the-art circuit designs.</li>
<p><strong>Required Qualifications</strong></p>
<li>MSc/PhD in Microelectronics with profound, 10+ years professional experience in ASIC-design. </li>
<li>Expert in CMOS Analog Electronics Workflow (Schematics, Layout, Verification) and a good understanding of the digital toolchain. </li>
<li>Prototyping (MPW) and chip testing. </li>
<li>Fluency in English. </li>
<li>Great team spirit, outstanding personality and strong will to lead a group of ASIC designers. </li>
<li>Initiative, independence and ability to communicate and work effectively with other team members in a multicultural and international environment. </li>
<p><strong>Additional Qualifications</strong></p>
<li>Fluency in German. </li>
<li>Knowledge of Matlab and/or Python.</li>
<p><strong>What We Offer</strong></p>
<li>A dynamic and stimulating work environment driven by a desire to build transformational technologies to help others. </li>
<li>A young, fast-growing company with plenty of opportunities for personal growth and development. </li>
<li>Great challenges and adventures in both technical and economical fields. </li>
<li>Working place: <strong>Pfäffikon, Switzerland</strong>.<br>
It is a beautiful lakeside village just outside of Zurich, the country’s main<br>
cultural, financial and business center.</li>
<p>To apply please send your CV and short motivation letter.</p>