Growth & Outbound Marketing Specialist

Growth & Outbound Marketing Specialist

locationMadrid, Spain
location Marketing & Communications

The Outbound & Growth specialist is responsible for identifying, qualifying, and generating new sales accounts to support our growth based on Outbound acquisition. We are looking for a stand-alone and self-starter able to identify and qualify new prospects from different sources. (database, individual research, enrichment, etc)

Company Vision & Mission

Cobee is an employee benefits company that is using new technologies to disrupt the big market of employee compensation, which has been traditionally dominated by big incumbent players. Employee compensation is being disrupted from several different fronts and Cobee wants to be in the center of this change, getting to dominate the market in the following 5 years.

All our efforts are focused on becoming the most desirable solution for employees to get compensated at work, making them financially healthier and more engaged with their companies.

We are a young company made of a very professional and talented workforce. We think BIG and we have a clear international mission to assist all types of companies worldwide in streamlining and enhancing the total compensation of their employees.

Company Culture

There are three core values that we all share in our way of working:

1) Employees first: we strongly believe that making employees FEEL DELIGHTED is our key to success, looking both internally (to our employees) and externally (to our client's employees). We take that into account in every action and decision.

2) Owner ownership: we all know what our duties are, we work with full ownership towards our goals and we know how those affect the overall company goals. We are autonomous and we care A LOT about the quality of our own work.

3) ISpossible ambition: our business offering did not exist before. We constantly challenge the status quo because we are a set of thinkers who think that improvement IS always POSSIBLE.

Who would not like to work for a company whose main value is to make employees happy? ;)

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a person responsible for creating, nurturing and maintaining the BEST DATABASE of national and international Human Resources professionals that collaborate with our own sales network within an Outbound strategy.

If you are passionate about creating digital capture and data enrichment strategies, and growing by developing an end-to-end vision of the process of creating new international B2B clients, this is your position!

You will work within the marketing area collaborating as a team with those responsible for content, design and CRM.

Interesting, huh?? See below how to get involved in the adventure!


  • Experience as B2B Digital Strategist, Growth Marketer, or similar role preferably in a highly data-driven environment.
  • 1 or 2 years of experience in growth techniques based in sourcing, validation and enrichment.
  • Strong experience in data-driven with good analytical skills.
  • Experience in Paid budget optimization in differences acquisition channels.
  • Good relationship working closely with internal B2B sales teams
  • Knowledge of CRM (hubspot, marketo or similar).
  • Experience in “startup / rapid growth” and internationalization environments.
  • Autonomy, analytical and structured mind, oriented to results.
  • Deep understanding of a variety of data analysis concepts such as conversions, LTV/CAC, ROI, Cohort analysis.
  • Preferably a Math/Stats degree, Economics or similar.
  • Experience managing call center campaigns will be valued.
  • High english and spanish level.

Responsibilities include

  • Define and implement Outbound Marketing and Sales process with growth focus.
  • Implement and scale demand gen strategy (sourcing, scrapping, enrichment and validation)
  • Create a nurturing system, focus to bring high-quality, proven and curated leads to the Sales / Marketing funnel.
  • Negotiate partnership agreements with related companies to carry out high-impact joint actions: co-registration actions, databases, webinars, etc.
  • Work closely with the Sales team to analyse the quality of campaigns.
  • Use tools or manage growth hacking teams
  • Carry out continuous improvement of our processes through a / b testing.
  • Develop and launch growth strategies in new countries.
  • Monitor and analyze performance data across channels

What can you expect

  • Competitive salary complemented
  • The best benefits in town, of course! (meals, transportation, health insurance, training courses, discounts… and more!)
  • Flexible remote working (although no full remote)
  • Offices located in the center of lovely Madrid.
  • Healthy working culture in a young and talented atmosphere.
  • Coolest place to work!.