Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

locationKreisfreie Stadt Berlin, Berlin, Germany
location Full-stack Developer


MyDataModels is a French start-up specialized in Artificial Intelligence. We have developed a patented technology that generates predictive models from small datasets. Our models are transparent, quick, and very performant and can easily be deployed on all types of systems (cloud, IoT, sensors…)

MyDataModels provides specific AI components that enable the development of customized products and operational applications. Our unique technology is also accessible to business experts through TADA®, our easy-to-use SaaS predictive data analysis platform.


  • Implement/maintain web application and middleware services
  • Control the application of best practices and design patterns used
  • Maintain and enhance the e-commerce solution based on WordPress + woocommerce


  • Purpose enhancement
  • Control the quality of the code
  • Participate in tasks and features refinement
  • Implement tools for data integrity checks
  • Advise on best practices for sharing confidential, sensitive data
  • Review, validate or reject merges requests


  • Experience: senior or north star
  • Training/Diplomas: Master / Engineer
  • Use programming language Python, ReactJs & PHP
  • Use web frameworks (Flask)
  • Use testing frameworks
  • Use Git, relational and nonrelational databases
  • Know how to use Docker
  • Know how to measure Quality of code
  • Know the micro-service architecture
  • Know the Gitlab platform
  • Develop excellent relationships with other departments
  • Be responsive
  • Be able to present a topic to the rest of the team / company
  • Know how to be an actor in Agile project management
  • Fluency in English
  • Know how to effectively synthesize and transmit a need, an anomaly, critical information, a flaw, …
  • Know how to apply good security practices


Permanent contract: fulltime, 218 workdays per year (journée de solidarité included)

Where: Remote

To apply, please submit your application by email with the following subject:

“[Application Fullstack]” with your curriculum vitae and a cover letter at [email protected].

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